Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Old

I know 40 is the big dreaded birthday but this past year killed me. It's official . . . I am old. Not sure when it happened. But know it was shortly after I turned 38. It started with creases in my face every morning. At first I thought I just needed more sleep and was probably just tired but as it continued every morning I realized the skin on my face was changing. The lines from my pillow took there own sweet time leaving my face. I no longer got to choose if I wanted to change the color of my hair. I now get to dye my hair every six weeks or have really light (some might call them white) highlights. My metabolism is shot. It's harder to lose weight. Oh the list goes on and on and if my short term memory wasn't shot I'd list all of them.

I've always been fine with getting older. It never bothered me to turn 30 even though all of my friends were upset and worried about it. I still felt young. I didn't care about eye creams and wrinkle creams or any creams. I was determined to be like my mom and age gracefully and beautifully. Certain I wouldn't ever turn to injection or surgery to take away my wrinkles. But I have to admit that it has been so much harder on me than I could have ever imagined. I guess it just snuck up on me way too quickly. In my mind, I still look 25 but then I see pictures and realize I'm no longer that young girl.

Not really sure where I'm going with this. I just know I'm not so quick to judge those who choose Botox and Collagen anymore. I no longer fear turning 40 next year. I know they say that 40 is the new 30 but that's totally a lie. I'm here to say that 38 is the new 40.

I celebrated my birthday in the car with all of the family. We left at 7 am for a 12 hour road trip to Sun River, Oregon. My sweet kids made sure I had some sort of celebration before leaving and surprised me with this candy bar poster/birthday card.

Thanks "Heath"er for always "burst"ing with fun! Even though we're going to be driving through "Idaho" on your birthday. I still think that you "skor"ed. You are sometimes a "butterfinger" but mostly not. You will always deserve "100 grand". From your beautiful "sixlets". WE LOVE YOU

We caravanned with my sister Heidi. The best part was that I could split up Hadley and Ryan -- my two fighters. She took Hadley and I took Will. Hadley loved riding in Aunt Heidi's car with her cousins. And Will loved . . . well, let's just say Will was a good sport. He tried but was unsuccessful in finding a seat out of Morgan's reach. He ended up sitting in the seat in front of her and sinking as low as possible so she couldn't grab his hair and hit him. We stopped for ice cream and hopefully that made up for all of his pain and suffering. The kids did surprisingly well. They were happy watching movies and taking short little naps. It's hard for the little ones to understand the concept of a road trip but once they hear the word "condo" (which is synonymous for Disneyland, beach, nan and papa, family fun, etc.) , they know however long it takes in the car is worth it.

We made it to Bend, Oregon just in time for a birthday dinner. Cafe Yumm. Not sure any of us would describe it as yumm but it was definitely better than McDonalds.


Grandma Bethany said...

Funny that you should mention you are feeling/looking old...
I look at you and can see no difference in how you looked when you were married. If only everyone could be so fortunate!
It must be all that hurrying you do to keep up with 6 kids and one almost a teenager in a few days that must be the secret!

Vennesa said...

I agree with your mom Heather. Honestly, I think you look just as young today as the last time we saw each other- over 7 years ago!

MaggieMae said...

Lucky you... only 38! I know what you mean though it just hit me at 47. Maybe b/c my kids are still young (I waited 'til I was a bit older). The losing weight thing and gray hair is what bugs me the most. Good luck with your aging... and just so you know, from an outside POV, you're doing so very gracefully!

COOLWHIP said...

You have a beautiful family.
I almost cried when you were talking about getting old. I am there at 33. At least you got 6 more years than I did. I bet, it's not the age, it's the 6 kids that determine a few of those things. (like gray hair) I was, and still am not worried about the look of age, I feel better mentally, than I ever have in my life, And If I keep gaining life knowledge at this rate, I will be a pro, by 98!.
Bring it on baby.
I remember when I was 29, and thought, wow, those mom who have kids turning 8 and getting baptized, that's what makes you feel old. Then I got there. And no, it's not old. It is not!

COOLWHIP said...

Oh, and on the looking old thing, In my opinion, you are stunning.