Monday, July 5, 2010


Gavin had an Allstate customer appreciation movie event. Eclipse. We were lucky enough to see it the day before it was released. The theater was so crowded with radio stations, news stations, parties, girls and more girls, and Gavin's clients. I've never seen a theater so crowded or chaotic. Gavin's clients even made the picture on the front page of the newspaper. It just added to the excitement of the evening.

Gavin stayed busy meeting and greeting his clients

We stayed busy posing by Edward, Jacob and Bella

Movie theater just for Gavin's clients

My family wouldn't go to anyone else for their insurance needs which makes it fun to go to his movie events. We all get to be together.

And . . . this movie was the best one yet.

Two thumbs up!


Kristin said...

It wasn't playing in Yellowstone - I finally get to see it tomorrow!!

grandma bethany said...

Thanks Gavin and Allstate! We had a great time and I also give the movie 'two thumbs up'!