Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Griffin!

Griffin loves birthdays. Really loves birthdays. He's been planning his party for months and months. The plans started out being a Spiderman party then it changed to Star Wars and then to Diego (not sure how Diego got involved since he never even watches that show). I wanted to do something fun but it needed to be easy. We'd been out of town for most of July and got home on the night before his birthday. I was too tired to make him a cake and decided I would wake up early in the morning and buy him a cute cake at the grocery store before he woke up. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of cake options. I bought him a generic birthday cake and had them add his name.

He woke up and saw his cake and looked confused by the generic cake, "so what kind of birthday am I having?" I explained that today would be his family party and in a few days he would have his friend's party.

We went to Incredible Pizza that night to celebrate. The kids all love the buffet (especially the cinnamon rolls, ice cream and Icees), mini-bowling, air hockey, arcade games and simulated roller coaster.

I asked him what he thought about having a Toy Story swimming party. "Ohhhhh. Like I did when I was two?" Yes. Welcome to the world of summer birthdays. I had a swimming party almost every year growing up and so has Jack. I don't need to feel any more guilt than I already do. Luckily, it didn't seem to bother him too much that he had already had this kind of party and he got excited to go swimming with all of his friends and who doesn't love Woody and Buzz?

The party guests

Every birthday party needs a pinata . . . and some big kids to help break it open. Griffin and his friends tried to break the pinata and were unsuccessful after lots of attempts. It finally broke once Hadley stepped in.

He kept asking us all day, "Who's four years old???" and "Guess who's birthday it is today???" And then he'd raise his hand up and turn his head to the side and say, "ME!!!". Cutest thing ever. I don't think his party had been over for even an hour before he said, "Now I'm going to be five. What kind of party should I have?"

In honor of his 4th birthday . . . 4 things we love about Finners!

1. Griffin totally knows his love language . Physical Touch. He shows us how much he loves us by pressing his head into our arm. Hard. I try to act like it doesn't hurt but it really does.

2. He likes to use the word "so" in place of "because". For example, "I don't need to hold your hand so I walk on the sidewalk and not the street."

3. He loves to run up and give us hugs when we come home. "Mommy, you're home!" It doesn't matter if I've been gone for 2 hours or just went outside to get the mail.

4. He panics when his clothes are a little wet or if he spills, even if it is a small amount. He has to immediately change his clothes. And he loves his clothes and outfits and has to change his clothes multiple times a day.
And one more just because he's already looking forward to being 5.

5. He's still trying to figure out how to smile (see pictures in post for examples).

Happy 4th Birthday Griffin! We love you!


Vennesa said...

So cute! I love how they try to figure out their smile. It's taken some of my kids a couple years to get the smile just right for school pics.

Heidi Rushing said...

Don't feel guilty - feel lucky! I always wanted a swimming party for my birthday but could never have one! We should have switched birthdays one year and let me have mine in July and you in January!

grandma bethany said...

So cute...I love how hard he tries to smile and still does the head tilt. Yesterday while he was here, he took a hold of my face with both his hands and made sure I was looking at him when he was talking to me. A good lesson for grandma!

DKAZ said...

Hahaha. I love it. Love that you muted the Happy Birthday song by the kids! Remember...it was almost sad.