Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My two little fishies . . .

. . . Morgan and Griffin

Morgan has always been cautious (and even that word might be an understatement), but her biggest fears seem to be with depth perception and heights. This is most apparent at parks and playgrounds. Most people probably haven't paid much attention to how playgrounds are designed, but most play sets have really small holes on the stairs and walkways that make it possible to see the ground down below. Morgan is getting better with this but has struggled with being able to walk and not crawl around on these playgrounds out of her fear.

She carried this fear of depth into swimming. She was fine in a kiddie-pool where she felt in control but terrified in a regular 3-4 ft. shallow end of a pool. We started her in swimming lessons at the beginning of summer and she hated it! Every morning when she woke up she would ask if she had swimming with Uncle Blake. And was never happy to find out she did. I wish I would have gotten some videos of her from the beginning of summer . . . she would wrap her arms and legs around my brother (her teacher) and practically strangle him. It was pretty much impossible to get her arms and legs unwrapped to be able to start working on swimming (isn't she supposed to have low muscle tone? Ha!)

It may have taken a summer full of swim lessons, BUT . . . I now have a swimming girl that LOVES to swim, has her face in the water more than out, and now begs to go swimming with Uncle Blake! The first videos shows Morgan swimming from the rope to the steps.

The other two videos are of Griffin. I guess we forgot to tell him he just turned 3 and isn't supposed to be able to swim all over the pool all by himself.

We are going to miss swimming in grandma's pool every day now that summer is coming to a close and I KNOW my kids are going to miss having Uncle Blake as their teacher. He really is the best-- so patient, loving, and positive with them. We love you Blake!

video video video


Beverly said...

how exciting! Noah is the very same way! He did not learn to swim this summer but is not screaming his head off in the pool anymore. I look forward to the day he will put his head underwater and can swim! Thanks for sharing!

grandma bethany said...

Yes we should have pictures of Morgan's strength and fear at the beginning and her love for swimming now. Also, Griffin might just be the best barely 3 year old that has taken lessons here. Blake sure loves teaching and especially his nieces and nephews.

Heidi Rushing said...

What are you talking about? Griffin is swimming great! He is as good as my older boys. So jealous you get Blake all summer long. Thanks for those other photos from our trip too!

heather said...

Did it sound like I was saying Griffin wasn't a good swimmer? Miscommunication is my specialty...we think Griffin is amazing for a 3 year old!

Karol said...

Griffin IS amazing for a (bearly?) three year old!! WOW! My four year old still makes funny faces whenever water gets in his eyes. Kudos to Blake!! :)