Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times . . .

. . . and have FUN!

Lagoon Day is something my kids look forward to all summer -- UDSF (Utah Down Syndrome Foundation) "buy one get one free" day at lagoon. All the cousins come and usually grandma (but this year she volunteered to stay home with the babies) and enjoy going on all the rides together and getting a little treat in the pavilion with Morgan and all her friends! I have lots of pics of Griffin and Morgan since they stayed close by my side. The big kids all took off and enjoyed the big kid rides together and didn't make it in very many of my pictures.

Griffin managed to injure himself on the way into the park. He fell down and split open his eye on the asphalt. So he was the lucky one who got to wear around this tiny band-aid all day and suffer from partially obstructed vision.

Gavin with Jack, Ryan, Hadley and Griffin

Griffin was really excited about the 'pirate ship' ride (aka Tidal Wave) but Morgan had some reservations as we waited in the line and saw how high the boat went up and down. Griffin was too focused on the pirates to worry about any possible danger. (Remember the birthday party last month?) Yeah, he still loves pirates. . . At least he did. We started the ride and he was doing his best to keep his arms up and enjoy the ride. But it only took about 30 seconds for his expression to change to complete terror as he yelled out, "I don't like this pirate!!!" Unfortunately I don't have a picture of his cute, scared face, but I do have this sweet one of Morgan giving her daddy loves right before the ride started.

Jack and Ryan pretended to like "Puff the Dragon" rollercoaster (can someone please get these boys a haircut?!?!)

One of the highlights of the day for me was running into this cute girl (aka The Love Magnet) and her mom, my dear friend, Scarehaircare! She is Morgan's age and amazing! She walked right up to me and asked me what my name was. I told her that the last time I saw her was after her heart surgery last year. She showed me her scar and I told her that Morgan had the same scar. She got so excited and was talking up a storm with Morgan about how they both had the same surgery. "Show Gavin your surgery, Morgan!" Her speech and cognition is incredible! I just wish they wouldn't have moved 6 hours away from us.

Jack, Hadley, Karsyn, Will and Ryan

Gavin, Jack and Ryan apparently had a life-changing experience on their last ride of the day. They all did the 150 ft. bungee jump/ sling shot ride and can't stop talking about it. Gavin thinks I am going to do it with him next summer. Never mind I had a headache from just the rides in Kiddieland and am terrified of heights. Don't think that will happen.


Brittany said...

So I saw that cute little friend of Morgan's. They were in front of us while waiting for the log ride. She is so dang cute. Thanks for another fun time at Lagoon!

Vennesa said...

Looks like you had fun! We missed Lagoon this summer and the kids are not happy about it. I laugh about the hair because Jacob's hair looks exactly like theirs! He fights me every time.

Suzie said...

That was a great day!

kecia said...

somehow every year we end up having a conflict with the udsf lagoon day and we still haven't been to it! I want to go just to meet people that I feel like I know through blogs! Looks like it was fun though!