Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can this really be happening?

I have a 12 year old!

Jack turned 12 years old a few weeks ago. And it's a BIG deal! Apparently life changes at 12 . . . he went to Boy Scout Camp in Canyonlands for a week without any of his parents, he received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Deacon in our church, he got braces the day after his birthday, he graduated from Primary and now goes to Young Men's (which makes me a little emotional because I am in the Primary Presidency and miss having him in there with me) and he is on his way to Junior High. It's hard to believe my first born is a tweenager!

On his way to scout camp. He could barely get this on his back.

He earned his Faith In God award in Primary

Birthday morning. He opened a new camera (his broke from his last bday), ripstick, clothes and the Harry Potter DVDs.

Birthday Party on the lake
Ben, Scott, Jack, Matt and Ryan

Jack wasn't too excited about trying to wakeboard but he did get up for a few seconds!

Before braces . . .

Waiting to get braces cemented to his teeth

and after . . .

In honor of his 12th birthday, here are 12 things we love about Jack:
  1. He is an amazing brother who gets along really well with all of his siblings. He and Ryan used to fight and have a hard time sharing when they were younger and then Jack turned 6 years old and he stopped fighting back. Ryan realized it wasn't fun anymore and also stopped. They became best buds and still are!
  2. He is self motivated and never asks for any help with his school projects or homework. And always gets his projects done and turned in before the due date.
  3. He is a smarty! School and learning has always come easily for him. He loves reading non-fiction books, Encyclopedias and his Dictionary was his favorite book when he was 6.
  4. This is one of my favorite qualities about Jack -- He is honest. I can't remember a time when Jack has ever been caught telling a lie, even when he knows he may get in trouble and we would never know the difference, he tells the truth.
  5. He is athletic and loves sports. He enjoys running and doing 5K races with his dad, basketball, soccer, and biking. He tried football last year and decided that wasn't his thing.
  6. He is a great babysitter. Gavin and I have loved having a child old enough to now babysit. We have discovered a new freedom of being able to go out to dinner or a movie on a whim. The house is usually a disaster when we get home but all the kids are safe and happy.
  7. He is strong, not just physically but spiritually.
  8. He loves music and his ipod. I think he knows all the lyrics to every song on his ipod and he chooses to not listen to music that has swear words (and by swear words, I mean the "H" and "D" words).
  9. He always says "I love you" on the phone before he hangs up with me.
  10. He always does his jobs and piano practicing on the first request. I know . . . he makes up for all the other kids in the house!
  11. He is a class clown and how can I not love that? He's just like his dad! This is his 6th grade award from his teacher, "Most likely to stir everyone up!!!!"
  12. He is a great example to his siblings. They all missed him so much when he was at camp for the week and couldn't wait to have him home again.

Happy Birthday Jack. We love you and are so proud of the young man you are becoming!


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

He's a handsome young man!!!

Adrienne said...

I was going to say the same thing- very handsome and seems to be a joy to have around! Hope he had a great birthday!!

Brittany said...

He is so cute, and has really looked so much more grown up lately! What a good kid, and a good example for the rest of the kids.

Ria said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful example you are setting for your siblings and peers.

Lisa said...

Such a handsome boy! He looks just like you, Heather :)

Yeah, 12 . . . the last year before teendom. Oy.

Tausha said...

Happy Birthday!! He is a very hansome young man!! Your going to have to fight the girls off.

grandma bethany said...

Jack is definitely one very SPECIAL young man. He is so intelligent and loves to read, but still finds time to laugh and play. We have taken him to Jazz games where he is reading a science book in the car on the drive to the game. I love how he is interested in so many things. He too tells me that he loves me and always thanks me for whatever I do for him. Very, very special (there is that word again!) that is our Jack!

Heidi Rushing said...

Wow, that really is a big birthday! What a great young man he is! You should be a proud mama!

Beverly said...

happy birthday Jake! How lucky to have such a wonderful son, such a blessing!

AZ Chapman said...

happy birthday jack

Lacey said...

Happy birthday Jack. Thanks for your comment. I know I've seen your blog before, I don't know why its not in my friends.

Robyn said...

Luckily no one else has requested a first date with Jack (for our daughter, who turns 12 in September). !! cool idea! Maybe when we are in UT. You've seen our blog and our raves (and her school's) over her, so we'll see. You never know! Having a kid so wonderful is a huge blessing!

Cheri said...

What good looking guy! not to much longer and you will have a teenager. Fun fun fun...

kellyclay said...

What a great kid!!