Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear Lake: Three-peat

Our family takes up an entire swing set! Love it!!

We made it to Bear Lake 3 times this summer and only had a few warm, sunny days in all the trips combined. We went for a 4 day weekend and stayed at the Ideal Beach condos. The kids were excited to stay at this resort because of the mini-golf, pools, and park area. And we got the added bonus of getting an updated condo. Last time we stayed there we were in one that was falling apart and didn't look like one thing had been updated in the past 30 years.

Luckily we got in some boating on our first day there since we had no idea it would be cloudy and rainy the rest of our trip. I even waterskiied this trip. My first time in 10 years. My kids were so proud of me, especially Morgan!

Hadley, Jack and Ryan on our lunch break

Morgan and Mia

The hot captain of our boat

Mia tried out the tube for the first time-- not sure if she liked it or not.
It was just our luck that Rich County was having their annual Demolition Derby that night. We forgot to get enough cash to get all of our family in (what? No credit cards??!!) but the cute high school kids took pity on us and let half of us in for free. It made me feel a little bit like white trash, but then I realized we fit right in once we got inside. There was no seating left so we just sat down on a big dirt hill and Morgan, Griffin and Mia thought they were at the beach and decided to rub the dirt all over their legs and then throw dirt all over themselves and us.

Jack, Ryan and Hadley thought it was the best part of the trip and loved every minute of it!

Hadley, Gavin, me and Mia

all of us in our premium seats

Lunch in the condo

We did lots of swimming

And the big kids played some mini-golf

Having fun at the park

Gavin was giving all the kids 'under-dogs' and Morgan didn't want to feel left out and started chanting, "under-dog, under-dog". She LOVED it!!

And of course we had lots of yummy raspberry (with varying combos) shakes! My favorite was raspberry/banana/heath. Yum!! and yes . . . there is NO LINE!! Everything officially closed down today and will re-open next summer. The town was crazy with crowds on Saturday and by Monday we were all on our own!
It was a fun family get-away and now it is time for some serious back to school shopping (school starts in 2 days and I haven't bought my kids any new school clothes or supplies. I am sure I am just in denial and not just a really bad procrastinator!) and some hair cuts for Jack and Ryan.


kecia said...

I LOVE the swingset picture! So cute!

Heidi Rushing said...

Same here - love the swing set photo of all you guys! Just had a brillant idea -what about a chocolate covered cinnamon bear milk shake? Looks like there was plenty to do - nothing beats a good old demolition derby while sitting in dirt!

Tausha said...

Love La Beau's, that's my favorite place. I also love the picture of your family on the swing. Makes me a little jealous as I would love more kids, but not sure it's in the picture anymore. Love your sweet family.

Karol said...

That pic at the top is soo cute! Looks like another fun trip! I think my family needs to start a tradition of going to bear lake....

Sasha said...

Awesome! Looks like so much fun. I love the swing photo that is so priceless. Glad you got some good days with the weather being funny.:)

Beverly said...

looks like such a great time and kids look like they love it! Hope you get all your back to school shopping done!

Amy said...

FUN! My favorite part is that I haven't done any school shopping EITHER! I do have another week, but I haven't been out of town, just in denial :)

Anonymous said...
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