Friday, August 21, 2009

Education Week at BYU

What an amazing day! I spent the entire day at BYU (my alma mater) going to classes to learn how to live an inspired, enriched and fuller life. It was so much fun just to be up on campus again and in some of the same classrooms where I spent my undergrad studies. I really do love Provo and my BYU experiences. I can't believe it has been 12 years since I was a student there.

Some of the highlights:
  • The Sabbath Day is a gift from God, not a burden but a blessing. It is a test to see if our devotion is complete.
  • The facets of marital intimacy include: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, recreational, financial and sexual.
  • It's not the parent's primary job to provide a happy childhood. A parent's real responsibility is to prepare children for a happy adulthood.
  • Our children's belief system, "I will become what I think you think I can."
  • Treat children as they will be, not as they are.
  • Where there is a silent and withdrawn man, there is usually a critical woman.
  • Recurring themes of the past few General Conferences:
Live within our income
Visit the temple often
The promise of angels to bear us up is real
Faith and Doubt cannot exist in the same mind
Live with respect to those of other faiths

Education Week (or day, in my case) is such an amazing experience. Experts in all fields--marriage, family, cooking, traditions, scriptures, gospel knowledge, disciplining, etc. You name it they offer a class on it. Everyone is running from class to class hoping to get some new (big or little) bit of information to help them achieve an even greater happiness in the journey.

Gavin spent the morning with me and then went home to be with the kids while I enjoyed the rest of my day with my sister and bro-in-law

Gavin with my sister, Heidi and her husband Scott

I even got to go to some classes with my BFF Daisie!

All the Stewarts joined us for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's no secret that I cry over everything. It started after Morgan came into my life. But I cry even easier after having spent the entire day in uplifting, spiritually motivating classes. I knew I was doomed when the musical started and I noticed that two of the cast members had Down syndrome. One of them actually had a lead role and was amazing. I wish I could have talked to him after the show, but everyone was starving and we ran to the CougarEat for some ice cream before they closed. The show and seeing an extremely talented individual whom also happened to have Down syndrome was the perfect ending to this day!

Cassidy, Hadley and Karsyn

Well we are off on another 4 day adventure to Bear Lake tomorrow. I am not looking forward to all the packing and laundry again. It's our last hurrah before school starts next week.


COOLWHIP said...

I LOVE Education Week. I haven't gone since I had #4-6. But I still remember the classes I took, and what I learned from them. I look forward to being able to go do that again, when my kids are older.

Beverly said...

Looks like such a wonderful week. My uncle went to BYU back in the late 70s. He is crazy for BYU!

Tausha said...

I still have yet to go to education week, I really would like to someday. I love the advice about children and how we are to prepare them for a happy adult life, that is how I have always felt. That is so cool about play, our kids can do anything can't they!!!

Kristin said...

"The promise of angels to bear us up is real"
Just what I needed to read today as we prepare for surgery in two weeks - thanks :)

kecia said...

I have never been to education week and have always wanted to try it-now I really want to try it! I LOVED that one of the leads in the play had down syndrome-it made me cry reading about it!

Karol said...

I've only been to EdWeek once and I still remember the influence it had on my testimony and life at the time -- reading this makes me want to make more of an effort to go next year! Thanks for sharing!

And it was fun to see the pic of Daisey!! :)