Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on "La Prudencia"

I got a nice response from the creator of that blog. He found my family's picture after searching "La Prudencia" ("Wisdom") on google images. He felt like my picture was beautiful and the best one in his search. He also thought my blog was beautiful and a great example of wisdom so added the link to my blog with my picture. He apologized for not asking permission to use it but pointed out that all pictures found in a google image search are free game. Which is true. I don't think making a blog private is necessarily the answer either. It's my understanding that all pictures uploaded through are available in a google image search whether the blog is public or private. He has now changed the picture out of respect for my family. I'm just extra paranoid right now after this past week on facebook. There were two hate groups on there aimed at children with Down syndrome. They had as many as 1500 people join their terrible groups. And they stole and copied pictures of children with Down syndrome and put them on their group page. My first reaction when I saw my family's picture was that it was going to be something hurtful towards Morgan. Such a relief to see someone just saw our family picture as beautiful and the parents full of wisdom and guidance.

Here's an article about the hate groups on FB:

Facebook group targets Down's syndrome kids in Italy
.- An Italian Facebook group that calls for children with Down syndrome to be used for target practice has drawn protest from disability support groups and government officials.

The group page shows a photo of a Down syndrome baby with the word “idiot” superimposed on in, Agence France Presse reports. It proposed a purportedly “easy and amusing solution” to get rid of “these foul creatures” by using them as targets at shooting ranges.

By late Sunday the group had 1,700 members.

Manuela Colombo, the president of a support group for families with Down syndrome, condemned the ad.

“People’s ignorance has no limits,” she told ANSA.

Italy’s Equality Minister, Mara Carfagna, said the group was “unacceptable and dangerous” and promised legal action.

Police action could be delayed because Facebook is based in Palo Alto, California and a lengthy legal process may be required.

One baby in 1,200 is born with Down syndrome in Italy and there are 38,000 people with the condition living there, AFP reports.


Adrienne said...

Oh I'm glad you got the low down and the guy was normal- still kinda weird but that is nice what he thought about your family.

Vennesa said...

How sad! I ran into a lot of crazies in Italy and it looks like they've found their way to Facebook.
It is a beautiful picture of your family. And I didn't know that about the pictures on google image search.

Monica Crumley said...

I'm so glad it was a benign post... that was really my thought since there wasn't any text with it, but still disturbing. I'm glad that's resolved, at least for now.

Toni Mehraban said...

In the settings portion of blogger you can set an option to not allow google to search your site.

Tausha said...

Wow, I can't believe what happened on Facebook, that is awful!!!! Man, that made me so sad. You have to be so careful don't you. Glad you got a nice guy on the other end who posted your families picture. Man, alot of crazies out there.

Bethany said...

This is why I watermark my images. Granted, some of them you could crop the wm right out, but at least it lets people know to think twice before they pull them from your blog. It is also wise to have a copyright blurb on your blog regarding photos and content.

Jannelle M said...

I stumbled on your blog via Kelle Hampton's as I thought your pics were great, and then I fell on this post. It brought tears to my eyes, I do not have a child with a disabilty but a friend who does and I just couldn't imagine this every happening. Its the sadest thing, But seeing your blog is just one more way to spread the word!!