Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shoot for the stars

Jack has always been a smart kid and very independent. He set the goal of getting a 4.0 this past term. And he did everything he could to reach this goal--homework, practicing trumpet and waking up early on Friday mornings to earn extra credit. And he did it!!!

I think it might be the first 4.0 in the family. Pretty sure Gavin didn't have one of those and I know I didn't ever have one in Jr. High or High School. Maybe in nursing school. We were very proud of him and all of the hard work and effort he was willing to give to reach his goal.

We'll talk to him later about the "U" (unsatisfactory) citizenship grade in Keyboarding.


COOLWHIP said...

I'd let the 'U' slid with a GPA like that. That is amazing. You know what I'd be thinking... scholarships.... what better gift than that for dear 'ole mom and dad.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Awesome Gavin!!! That is a great achievement and the results of much hard work I'm sure.

For a vision of what it could be like check this out: :)

Monica Crumley said...

Sorry, I had to smile. That's a pretty great report card. The U is pretty funny actually. It must be a pretty boring class for most kids.

Lisa said...

Wow!! What a superstar!!

Grandma Bethany said...

I think we just expect such good grades out of Jack. After all he knew all his letters and counted to 30 when he was 24 months old. My sister, Barbara thought he should go on Leno or Letterman. When we were at Lake Powell, the month he turned 2, he read all the letters off of all the food cans and boxes in her RV.
I first realized this ability when I took him for a walk in his stroller and he read all the license plates to me and numbers on the mailboxes. Smart yes! Even better...motivated!