Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enlarging photos on blogger

I'm no expert on this but I got a few emails asking me how to make pictures bigger on your blog. I just recently learned how to do this (kudos to Karol Jeanne!) and will do my best to explain. If you upload your pictures to flickr and photobucket then it's even easier. You just choose large as your file size and import that photo code in the "Edit Html" section of the post. I don't use a 3rd party for importing my photos to blogger so this is what works the best for me. And don't let all the steps scare you. It really does just take seconds to make these changes.

1. Upload your picture just as you normally would do in blogger.

2. Then while in your post, click on "Edit Html".

3. Look for the width and height of that picture (circled in yellow). And delete that whole section of the code.

4. Now you can change the size of your picture. Try a few different sizes to see which one you like best for your blog. Bloggers biggest upload size is s400. You can try s576, s640 or s800 depending on the look and settings on your blog. (You may need to change your blog template settings to accommodate the larger photos. Do this by opening your blogger template, choose "edit html". Scroll down to where it says outer-wrapper and main-wrapper. Change your "outer wrapper" width to 1200px and your "main wrapper" width to 900px. I had to get rid of my cute background paper and use a layout that only has 2 columns like Minima white.)
It should look like this to begin with:

Delete the 400 and put in the new number. It will now look like this:

And you'll have big, beautiful pictures. Or if you're not a very good photographer, you'll just have big pictures. Which was the purpose of this tutorial. Good luck!

Example pictures at different image sizes:

The original size of a large image uploaded on blogger (s400)





jenjamin said...

You are so smart! I love people that get resourceful and find solutions. I also wanted to share with you something else. It looks like you are still using the old editor. If you go to "Settings" and scroll down and click on "updated editor" you can do photo enlarging there too and all kinds of other things. I think this new editor is great. It has a few issues that bug but over all is much better than the old one. Try it and see if you can do it. You should get big photos like the ones you posted.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the info! I am way more technically challenged than you claim to be. I will have to give it a try though.

Karol said...

I’m thinking your tutorial was a little easier to understand than mine…. :)

Love, Love, Love the s800 photo of your ‘wise’ and beautiful family!

Cheri said...

awwww...I've always wondered! glad I can now enlarge pictures too! Sooo happy!!! :)

Mary said...

I always wondered how to do this! Thanks for the tutorial!

Tausha said...

Thank you!! It would of taken me years to figure that one out!! Love the picture of your family!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for this, Heather! I tried it on my blog today :) I am bookmarking your instructions here.

Laurie said...
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Bethany said...

Sorry, that last comment from Laurie was from me! LOL. I was logged in as her since I'm redoing her blog. Oops.

Anyway, you can host your images off blogger too (like on flickr) and get large images that way too. :)