Monday, September 14, 2009

A winning Saturday

Our beautiful view from the field

9:00 am--Hadley's first soccer game (Final score 3-0)

She hasn't ever played soccer before but looked really good out there. She is one fast runner with those long legs.

She was nervous to be playing in a real game and found comfort by twisting her earrings. I don't think she has ever taken such good care of her pierced ears like she did out on that field.

11:00 am -- Morgan's 1st soccer game (no need to keep score on the VIP league!)

She is playing on the "VIP team" and liked her new friend, Lucy. Some of you may recognize her from the Signing Time DVDs.

It wasn't hard to keep her attention and excitement up during warm ups when she had her own ball to kick around the field.

But it was a different story by the time the game started. She didn't want to stay on the field and had lost interest.
Here she is on the field in the middle of the game. Just hanging out and sucking her thumb. I am excited to see if she likes soccer more as the season goes on.

3:00 pm -- Jack's soccer game (Final score 8-3)

This kid has the moves! He took a few years off of soccer and I thought it would take him a little time to get back in the groove. I was wrong! He is so fast and has crazy foot work. It was so fun to watch him back on the soccer field.

3:00pm -- Ryan's football game (Final score 16-7)

Ryan had another great game and helped his team with a touchdown.


Emily said...

How fun! I want Justin on a "VIP" team someday! LOVE it!

Heidi Rushing said...

Love those pictures of Morgan!!! Priceless. I would love to see some videos of her playing too.

Monica Crumley said...

Great photos! Morgan looks super cute in her soccer outfit. I just posted a cute pic of John Michael in his soccer jersey, too :-)

Lacey said...

Lots of games in one day. too cute.

Beverly said...

you guys are busy! Morgan looks too cute in her shirt! Noah used to sit and get tired out on the field during ML games he still does if it is TEXAS hot out. Most all the kids on the field do so, no big deal.

kecia said...

what a busy day of sports! I love the VIP team! Where is that through? HOw fun that she is on the team with Lucy from the signing times-we love those dvds! I need to find more of them-we only have a couple and Bree is obssessed with them!

heather said...

It is through AYSO and I don't think there is an age requirement (I'll verify that). They play in Cottonwood Heights area.

{anyalynn} said...

Thanks Heather for your input on the crib issue at our house! I don't know how you do it with all of your darling kiddos!

Michelle said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day for soccer games! how neat that Lucy and Morgan are on the same soccer team!

AZ Chapman said...

U are so lucky that u get to sit on the sidelines with Rachel I am so jelous