Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Utah State Fair

Who doesn't love a good deal? The fair had a family deal on Monday ($12 entrance for the entire family, compared to the usual $40 for our family) that made it worth going. It wasn't the best circumstances . . . the kids had piano until 6:30, it was pouring rain, and it was a late FHE activity for a school night. I convinced Gavin that it could be fun to go and run through the rain with our umbrellas. Fortunately, the sun started shining through the clouds as we pulled into the parking lot and the rain stopped minutes after we walked through the entrance.

These umbrellas are huge and poked lots of friendly fair-goers in the face. Sorry!

Our first stop was the building with the displays and demos of random products. I stopped at the first display and got my wedding ring cleaned (maybe the first time in 13 years). It is all shiny and sparkly again!

Then we stopped at this display--"Super Shami". He had me at "Look at all this soda pop I am going to pour on this carpet sample. Now look at how this shami soaks it all up. Every drop." SOLD!! That's a daily occurrence at my home!!

We convinced the kids that rides weren't safe and that we really should wait until Disneyland next month. I feel a little guilty about it now. We should have at least let them do one ride. Griffin was going crazy over seeing all the rides and wanting to do them. Maybe next year.

Instead we went through the animal exhibits. Equally as fun!

Checking out the dairy cows. Ryan's asthma had been bad all day and walking through the animal exhibits didn't help. I think this is when we decided he shouldn't go into anymore of the stinky exhibits. We saw chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and cattle.

And it can't be a true carnival experience without a funnel cake!!

This funnel cake was Y-U-M-M-Y!!

Because oreos, twinkies and candy bars aren't already fattening enough!!

There are some crazy things at the fair. What's with having the "World's Smallest Woman" on display? I had mixed feelings about this exhibit since I spend most of my time being the disability police around my kids' friends, but . . .

We caved. My kids were so curious to see if there really was a woman in that small box that we let them go in. Jack took the "You talk to her. She talks to you!" advice on the exhibit to heart and asked her lots of questions. Apparently she doesn't understand English and just said yes to everything he asked. He felt like Ryan and Hadley just wasted their dollar because they didn't say anything.
Ryan continued to have a hard time breathing after we got home. When he wasn't able to keep his oxygen levels up without using his inhaler every few minutes we knew it was time for the ER.


Katy said...

How fun! Not the ER part, though. I was busting up at the idea that Hadley and Ryan had wasted their dollar.

The Gardener said...

But have you ever TRIED a deep fried Oreo? I was standing next to a lady at our local fair while Aaron was on the plane's and oh my, they looked sooooo good, so I asked what they were. Sure enough deep fried oreos. She let me try one and I am now a loyal devotee. Every fair, I will buy them, from now on, promise.
Hope Ryan is OK!?

Chris said...

Hope Ryan is ok--my daughter has asthma too--thankfully it has been many years since we needed to visit the ER--but I know how nerve wracking it can can be.

I really want to try a deep friend oreo now! Heard a lot about them, but never had one.

Sophie said...

funnnnn!! i want to go to the fair! you lucky ducks.

Vennesa said...

I need more info on the worlds smallest lady. How small was she?