Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yo Ho, Yo Ho . . . A Pirate's Life for Me

Griffin has been anxiously awaiting his 'pirate party' for several months now. He would ask about the party almost daily. He realized a few days before his birthday that it was finally getting close and started talking about all the details, "everyone will sing Happy Birthday to me (then singing a few verses to let me know what it would sound like), my be 3 years old, my have a pirate party with swords and a cake!" (Grammar is not his strength. As a matter of fact, neither is speech.)

He was so excited to wake up on his birthday morning and see his pirate cake and presents. We sang Happy Birthday to him while he was sitting at the table for breakfast. He kept looking at his cake (on the other end of the table) trying to act happy, but looking very nervous while we were singing to him. Then when we finished singing he reached as far as he could across the table to blow on the cake. He didn't care that there weren't any candles to blow out. He opened some presents and put on his pirate stuff-- an eye patch, pirate hat, telescope, and sword and wouldn't take it off the entire day.

He had a birthday party with his cousins (he has 5 cousins all within 2 months of his age) and neighborhood friend.

They went on a treasure hunt to Pirate Island (our boat), walked through crocodile sand (the sandbox), crossed the shark waters (kiddie pool) and finished in skeleton jungle (swing set) and found gold coins all along their trail. But the BIG treasure (a treasure chest pinata) was hiding in skeleton jungle.
Griffin shows how easy it is for a real pirate to walk the plank

Pinata time

Birthday party friends

Reading one of his new books with grandma

In honor of his 3rd Birthday, here are three things we love about Griffin:
  1. He is a child full of extremes. He can go from being the happiest little boy to whining and screaming (in his high pitched voice) in no time.
  2. He absolutely LOVES his big sister Morgan. They are best friends and he misses her when she isn't around. He puts up with a lot of stuff with being her little brother. He usually has some sort of scratch on his face or neck and/or bite marks on his arms. He is one tough boy!
  3. He is still working on being potty trained and is hoping to start preschool in the fall if he is able to get it figured out!


heidirushing said...

Fun, fun fun! I think pirate parties are my favorite! Good thing they are fun because between the two of us I think we will end up giving about 6 of them!

Grandma Bethany said...

He made such a cute pirate and loved his party. We sure love him and his high pitched voice!