Monday, July 6, 2009


We were able to sneak away from the kids again in June. We spent a week in Maui. I guess it's a given that we had a great time. We rented a condo in the Kaanapali beach area and played in the pool, went to the beach, snorkeled with sea turtles at Black Rock and Lanai, went on a catamaran ride and watched wild dolphins play in the ocean, rode bikes down from the volcano at sunrise, sat in a 90 minute time share presentation, enjoyed a luau, ate too much Hawaiian ice...actually just ate too much period(I came home 7 lbs. heavier!). And we took lots of pictures on the beach with the beautiful sunsets. You'll see!

Gavin in front of the condos --Honua Kai

Kipp, Gavin and Adam enjoy some boogie boarding on our first day

Gavin takes a break from boogie boarding to declare his love to me

We took a bus up to the Haleakala visitors center at 2 am to watch the sunrise at the volcano and then rode bikes back down the mountain. It was really cold and windy but warmed right up after the sun came up. It really was a spiritual experience to be up above the clouds and watch the pre-dawn colors and the sunrise. The lady chanting her love for creation and the sun in Hawaiian probably didn't hurt the experience either.

Pre-dawn colors
The first peeks at the sun

Hanging out with Cami
Getting ready for the bike ride. I was a little speed demon down that mountain.

My cute husband!

Me, Cami and Adam--my patient friends that didn't mind sitting on the edge of the road resting while they waited for me to finally make it down the mountain.

We stopped at this lodge about half way down for breakfast and yummy hot chocolate

Getting ready for the luau

Gavin gives this guy his autograph (aka Tobey Maguire).
Cool Cat Cafe

Every morning we ate homemade omelets out on the lanai

Pacific Whale Foundation snorkel and wild dolphin adventure out to Lanai. Holding Zack gave me my 'Mia fix' for the day.

Enjoying the catamaran ride

Cheeseburgers in Paradise!
(I think I already mentioned I gained 7 lbs.)

Out to dinner with Chad and Jill at Kimo's in Lahaina

Adam rented a truck and was excited to find out it was legal in Hawaii to ride in the back of a truck. So here we are making Adam happy by riding in the back of his truck to go get Hawaiian Ice.

A little Hawaiian Ice

And finally . . . the beautiful Hawaiian beaches and sunsetAdam, Cami, Heather and Gavin


Chris said...

A week in Maui without kids, after a wicked trip to San Francisco, can I borrow you life for a couple of weeks :)

Looks like you guys had a great time. It is so important to have time alone with your honey--focusing on being a couple every once and awhile makes you better parents. It's rejuvenating.

Beverly said...

love all the photos, so beautiful!

Heidi Rushing said...

oh that looks so fun and warm! I am so jealous of all your trips! Gald you enjoyed it, you deserve a break every now and then (or every now and now!)

Monica Crumley said...

What a beautiful vacation! I hope we can go there some day, too. Great photos. I bet the bike ride was invigorating!

Brittany said...

first of all I just have to say how sorry I am that you guys hardly every get to go anywhere! Just kidding, I am way jealous though. That looks like so much fun. Did that guy really think Gavin was Tobey Mcguire? Too funny.

Vennesa said...

Looks like your friends got baptized on the beach! :)
Glad you had a good time!

Grandma Bethany said...

You certainly do know how to enjoy a vacation. I loved all of the pictures. My favorite though..the one of the two of you walking on the beach. Definitely one to have enlarged.

Ria said...

Beautiful photos!! And that gorgeous sunset, very nice!!

kellyclay said...

Yes I would like to have your life for one week!:) very jealous of the trips you and Gavin get to take alone together!! :)

I love the picture of you and Gavin walking on the beach!

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

That picture of you guys holding hands together is so sweet! Love it!

Kiki said...

seriously you always go on such great vacations! I LOVE the sunset pics of you and Gavin. What a cute couple! I want to go to hawaii so bad-I have never been!