Friday, October 24, 2008

Things people say

We took our oldest boy out of school this afternoon to go out to lunch with us. He chose a family favorite--Training Table. Dining out is always really crazy with the 3 youngest children. How do you get 3 high chairs around a booth table? You can't! So we sit down and begin the chaos. All under the watchful eye of the older man that is our busboy. He literally stands right next to our booth and watches and talks to us through the whole disaster--uh--meal. He watches as Morgan throws cups and crayons across the table, Griffin trying to crawl all over the table and grabbing the phone (used to place an order), Gavin & I trying to at least have some sort of conversation with Jack--since that was the whole purpose of this lunch date. He then asks Gavin what's wrong with Morgan. Gavin tells him she has Down syndrome. He looks a little confused so Gavin explains that it is a chromosome anomaly that occurred way before she was born. He then asks if she will ever out grow it. After he learns that she won't, he repeatedly said, "Oh I am so sorry. That is so sad." Jack asked why that man kept saying it is sad to have Down syndrome. We told the man that it really isn't sad but he kept saying, "oh I'm so sorry". So I finally said, "'s okay!!" Hoping he would finally leave it alone. His approach was not offensive (maybe his reaction was a little offensive to me) but it was obvious he wasn't the brightest man and was just curious about Morgan. He decided to interact with Morgan and brought her a pile of napkins. She looked at him, told him thank you, and started to wipe her mouth with the napkins. He commented that she was actually a very smart little girl. Usually this would make me smile, but this time it didn't because I know that Morgan is smart -- not because she recognizes what a napkin is and it's proper use but because she really is a smart girl! I wish Morgan was able to control her behaviors better so people could really see all that she is! As we were getting ready to leave he asked us if something was wrong with Griffin too. Gavin immediately said, "Yes. . . he has osteoporosis." :) Oh, I couldn't stop laughing! I love my husband and his quick witted remarks!

Here's a great blog entry to read that discusses all the 'thoughtless, insensitive and sometimes, the downright rude comment or question' we have all heard as a parent of a child with a disability.


kellyclay said...

I am so sorry Heather people as they say in Scotland people can be so Daft(thick in the head).

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Osteoporosis huh? Ya gotta love that Gavin!

becpuls said...

I have had some very stange comments made to me to "about having one white baby and one dark baby". I love that Gavin has a good sense of humor. I am going to try that next time.