Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby's 1st Halloween

Being the sixth child in the family means a lot of hand-me-downs--Halloween costumes included. With Halloween nearing I have been trying to finalize the costumes for all the kids. Mia had the choice of Minnie Mouse, pumpkin or a bumblebee (not such big fans of the bumblebee anymore since our latest bee attack). But yesterday Mia decided she didn't want any of those old hand-me-downs and would rather be a spotted bug. Let me explain. She got her first episode of croup last week (croup is nothing new to our family -- we definitely live up to the 'Seal bark' blog name in this house!) and continued to sound pretty rattly throughout the week so I took her to the doctor's last week. Her lungs sounded fine but she did have bilateral ear infections and needed antibiotics (her first time taking those). So we started her on Amoxicillin. Well she went from being a happy baby with a gunky cough to a whiny and grumpy (for her anyway) baby on antibiotics. After 8 days of being on the medicine and not acting any better, yesterday she woke up with a rash all over her body. I took her back into the pediatrician's office and her ears didn't look any better, she has bronchitis and she is either allergic to penicillin or experiencing the "Amoxicillin rash". So she is now on a new antibiotic and even more covered in the rash today. Here's to hoping she won't still be a spotted bug come Halloween!


kellyclay said...

Heather,I am so sorry to hear that little Mia has been so sick. I hope she is well enough on Halloween to enjoy her first one.

grandma bethany said...

Honestly, Mia is the best baby ever. Seeing her today with her rash everywhere and yet she is just the most pleasant baby. She will be just darling on Halloween no matter what she decides she wants to be!

becpuls said...

Oh sick babies are so hard. Good luck and she is the cutest spotted ladybug ever.