Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seal family pumpkin carving

The Seal gang-- Griffin had better things to do than pose for pictures!
We had our annual pumpkin carving party for the Seal family at Chad and Jill's house this past Sunday. This event has been a family favorite for many years . . . it goes way back to my dating days with Gavin. The best part of the activity for all the boys, or um ... the dads, always seems to be the pumpkin seed fights. It got so bad over the years that Lolly finally started to have us carve our pumpkins outside in the cold in an attempt to save her carpet and walls from pumpkin seed splatters. Jack was commenting last week how he misses having the pumpkin carving contest at nan and papa's house now that they've moved. Luckily Jill is very brave and has been kind enough to host this party the past few years.
Jack- guitar hero guy; Ryan-hippie

Hadley is a cheerleader this year but not one from the UofU because obviously she is a BYU fan. I've at least done a few things right with raising her. So this is her 'in-between' costume. She has a different cheerleading costume for the actual trick-or-treating event!

Morgan makes such a cute little kitty cat. Her favorite part of the costume is the tail and her least favorite part are the ears (she doesn't like things on her head).

And this little monster is a skeleton

Jack and Gavin take their pumpkin carving duties very seriously!

And our sweet little Mia is Minnie Mouse


Grandma Bethany said...

Cute, cute costumes and kids! I love the individual pictures of the kids too taken at Wheeler Farm. Even Morgan came through with an adorable smile!

Toni Mehraban said...

hey heather - i made my blog private but would still like you to be able to view it if you are still interested. send your email address to


K&K said...

they all look so cute!