Thursday, September 25, 2008

One special girl and a birthday!

Morgan is now six years old! The birthday celebrations started in the morning at Kindergarten. Griffin, Mia and I took a little birthday treat (ice cream sandwiches) for the class to sing to her. She was so excited to have us (especially Griffin) there and be a part of her school day. She and Griffin sat down next to each other in circle time and had a great time singing together. Morgan was singing all the words and enthusiastically doing all of the actions to "Dem Bones" for me. Just as I was starting to think how wonderful it was to see Morgan so social, talkative and outgoing in her new class, I overheard the teachers commenting about how Morgan had really come out of her shell today. So I asked them how Morgan usually acts in class -- usually really quiet and shy. I start volunteering in her classroom next month and hopefully that will help her to get more comfortable and outgoing so her teachers are able to see all that she CAN do!

Morgan and her excellent teacher

Morgan & Griffin enjoying the birthday treat

Morgan showing off her "ankle bone" in Dem Bones

Her birthday party was that night at the rec center. She loved opening presents, eating cake and ice cream and swimming in the splash zone. She and Griffin stuck together the whole time. They are so cute to watch together. They are very dependent on each other and best friends (even with all the bullying Morgan has given him in his short lifetime). If Morgan was nervous to go out into the deeper area, she just made sure to hold Griffin's hand and knew if Griffin could do it than she could, too.

Make a wish!

Morgan and family

In honor of her 6th Birthday. Here are 6 things you might not know about Morgan --
  1. Morgan was delivered by her dad at home. We didn't know before Morgan was born that she had Down syndrome. I was sent home from the hospital in 'false labor' and got into the bathtub to help with the pain. Morgan was born about 45 minutes later. Gavin did a great job as my OB and used a shoelace to tie off the cord until the paramedics arrived a few minutes later to take us to the hospital. We found out about 6 hours after her birth (we hadn't seen her that whole time) that they suspected Down syndrome.
  2. Morgan has a very unique personality. It is easy for her to get labeled as "happy and sweet", but she is anything but a label! She experiences all emotions just like everyone else.
  3. She absolutely LOVES Barney!
  4. She loves to cut her hair! (Just check out all the recent pics on the blog)
  5. She loves to listen to her music in the car, but at headache decibel levels. "Turn it up, please." (I turn it up a little.) A few seconds later, "Turn it up, please." (Again I turn it up a little.) "Mom, TURN IT UP!!" Yes, we have had her hearing checked and she hears just fine! :)
  6. She is a great teacher. She has taught our family about unconditional love, acceptance, and the potential each individual has to make a difference in this world.

We love you so much Morgan!!


Lily said...

Happy Happy Birthday Morgan!

Scarehaircare said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday big girl, you are a doll!!

Our little Myah just turned 6 on the 20th!

Lori said...

I should have mentioned how sweet your little tribute to her is.

I think I would have been more than a little nervous delivering at home--with my husband:)

Emily said...

Happy birthday Morgan! It looks like she had a fantastic day!

So cute that she is so close to her younger brother (it makes me hope that Macy can have a younger buddy like that someday!)

Annette said...

You are getting so big, I remember when you were born. We send you love and birthday wishes on your special day!!! Annette & family

DKAZ said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan! So, when you said she cut her bangs I didn't realize that she just took a section and whacked it off! That is some hair cut. It seems so innocent for them but has such a drastic result. As far as Gavin delivering-Go Gav! That's a little crazy. Nice tribute!

Shauna said... have such an adorable family! And what a sweetheart she appears to be! My daughter, Kaley, will be 6 soon too..what a fun age! And what a story with Gavin having to deliver husband would have passed out during that process I'm sure! I think it always takes a certain special person to be able to have a child with disabilities & admire your strength, it can't be easy I'm sure! But, how nice to be blessed with someone so special who I can only imagine brings so much joy to your family!!

K&K said...

happy birthday Morgan! She is So cute! I cried when I read the 6 things about her! I am also glad to hear that she loves having younger siblings-it makes me want to have more. Also I love that she kissed Bree's picture.So cute!!

Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Morgan!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to the Morgan that I've heard so much about. She looks as adorable as Heidi says. My Morgan is quiet in her Kindergarden class, too, which is surprising because she never stops talking at home!

AZ Chapman said...

hawppy belated b day morgan