Sunday, September 14, 2008

I LOVE this face . . .

Mia is already 8 months old and growing up way too fast for this mom! She is constantly babbling -- "dada, baba, hu (for hi when she sees someone new) and mama". But her new talent is sticking out her tongue. I don't remember if my other kids did this but she now knows she has a tongue and it is constantly out of her mouth. It's so cute!
She is also trying to crawl and is able to scoot backwards now. She LOVES food and has a great appetite. I found out she now has a great pincer grasp after finding random things in her mouth that should have been vacuumed. I really need (ok, would love) a maid! She is still such a happy baby. We are really being spoiled by this little girl! But we'll take it with no complaints!
Gavin with our niece Lily
We went on a beautiful drive up in the canyons today to visit Gavin's sister and her cute baby. It was the perfect weather and the canyons were beautiful with the changing leaves. Mia, Griffin and Hadley have been sick the past few days with fevers and sore throats so we didn't stay long or let all the kids out of the car but here are some pics from our visit.

Hadley and Mia

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Heidi Rushing said...

Have I ever told you how cute your kids are? Good thing they take after you!