Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HE always has the BEST ideas

I just got this email from Gavin with an attachment of cute football pictures of Ryan:

Look how great these pictures are! Bob Crawford has pictures like this framed on the wall in his basement. They look great - we could do the same with these. We will need some with Jack - We could use soccer and basketball as well. Hadley and dance. Morgan and her thumb in mouth and finger in eye. Griffin crying. Mia smiling. You -neked.


Heidi Rushing said...

remind me never to go down into your basement!

Toni Mehraban said...

LOVE IT! That is something that Terence would say to me.

heather said...

I think your comment is really rude! You might be surprised by how enjoyable it can be to see me "neked"! :)

jenjamin said...

Thanks for your message. I really appreciate your thoughts. Randy is our cousin in Utah.

It is nice to know someone out there actually values being positive and proactive. I am pretty sure lots of people get bored with all my thoughts an ideas but I don't really care. I think for some people, taking the extra step to be happy is just too much work... not me, that is what life is all about.

You have a beautiful family... and 6 kids. That is so uncommon these days. When people find out I have 5 they nearly drop their jaws as if they have never seen a big family before. I would just keep having kids forever if I could, I'll hope for at least one more :) at least in this life and then many more to come! :)

Thanks again for dropping in a line and take care!

Melanie said...

Hey Heather! Your blog is so fun! How do you do ALL that you do...with six kids? I can't keep up with TWO! You're amazing.

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm a bit of a dork...but I have fun with it. I think you would find great appreciation in my blog entry from JULY 29th, since you are a nurse...if I remember right! Go to the archives on the left of the page....and hit July -- the title of the entry is "I'll just wait here..." Oh, the fun of yearly gyno visits!

Hope you guys are doing well!

I told Berkeley today that we will be changing wards when we move...and she said "BUT...What about Hadley?!" I had to remind her that she will see Hadley every day in her classroom! lol

Jillyboo said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I will be sure to let my Dad know how much fun you guys had, he and the others that planned it will be happy to hear it.
I love that saying to.... it was perfect for me and my kids. I have a Son who has Autism so it takes all the patience I have... and then some divine help! But these special kids, as you know, are simply amazing, I wouldnt change a thing.
Its from a company my Sister-in -law works for. I don't think it was too much either. I can get you her email if your interested in ordering one.
Have a great week!

Jillyboo said...

if you go to my blog and look under the family section of my links she is the one under "Ball Family" Leave her a comment and she'll get in touch with you. I will tell her to look out for you, she's great and will be happy to help you.
And what a beautiful and fun family you have. I envy people who have a big family. Its the best way to grow up... we'll see how many I end up being able to do!

mum2brady said...

Oh man - laughing my hiney off over here! Just what I needed this morning. My hubby would say the same thing ;)

Lisa said...

Hi Heather! I am glad you found us! I am sorry to say.....I don't remember meeting you but I do know who you and Gavin and Trevor are! I know Dave can't wait for the 20 year reunion, I am sure it will be a blast, but be sure to tease him about being the only one w/o a child yet! lol His email is

DKAZ said...

Ya, can you ever imagine a woman saying something like this? I just don't think it's the first thing that comes to mind for a woman. How about a picture of them doing the dishes for you or folding the I could frame that and hang it on a wall!