Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Griffin is Two!

Happy 2nd Birthday Griffin!!
2 year old checkup:
weight 29 lb. (73rd%)
height 35 1/2" (78th%)

  • Griffin LOVES his "hee-hee" (blankie) and carries it all over the house. It is always a challenge to find his blanket when it is time for naps and bed.

  • Griffin LOVES milk!! A babysitter once commented that it would be easier to just put a bottle nipple on top of the milk gallon and not even bother with the bottle. He calls all liquids "water"--milk, juice, water, etc. Gavin was very excited to not have to buy whole milk until I reminded him that Mia would need it in just 6 months.

  • He has long curly hair--that WILL be cut soon. I promise he has had it cut but it has been a few months.

  • He is polite. He even says "thank you" after his diaper is changed.

  • He is one tough dude! He can really take a beating and keep on ticking (after 2 years of having Morgan for his older sis).

  • His disposition is full of extremes--either very happy or in the middle of a temper tantrum. It doesn't help that we don't understand very much that comes out of his mouth.

  • He refuses to call Jack by his name and will only call him "Ryan". As far as he is concerned he has two brothers named "Ryan".

  • He cannot hold up two fingers so when you ask him how old he is, he responds "TWO!" and then holds up 3 fingers.

We celebrated by having a swimming party with all his cousins up at my parents. Griffin decided that he was now old enough to swim all over the pool with his swim jacket on and no one helping him. What a big boy!


Heidi Rushing said...

Oh I love that boy! What a cutie - he still seems so much older than 2 to me. Looks like a great party.

Grandma Bethany said...

Cute, cute pictures...even cuter little boy.
I have missed him so much while we have been in Mexico.
Love his curls too...maybe leave some of them. They capture his personality so!