Monday, July 14, 2008

Giddy up!

We spent an evening horseback riding last week with the Kaelberers. Jessica (our primary president) was so nice to set this all up for our families. She had her dad bring 5 horses and 1 mule to Dimple Dell Park so that the kids (and their parents) could all take turns riding all around. Morgan's response to going on the horse was, "No, thank you!" but she was willing to touch the horse's face and felt satisfied that she had had her own kind of horse experience. My boys were excited to meet Jessica's dad--Jeff Judkins (a retired pro basketball player for the Celtics and Jazz) and have him help them ride his horses. Hadley just wanted to know if she could take horse riding lessons somewhere and if we could buy a horse.

The family shot

We love our Mia!

This little stinker is almost two!

Jack gets ready for his ride and itchy eyes

There goes Ryan

Hadley enjoyed this the most! I think we have a genuine horse lover in the Seal family!

Gavin went on a longer ride with a crazy horse and then took Griffin on a little ride on a much calmer horse. Not too sure if Griffin enjoyed it, though!

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