Friday, May 23, 2008

Piano Recital

Ryan and Jack with their teacher

Jack and Ryan had their piano recital last night. Jack has taken for 4 years and Ryan for 2 years from this teacher. She has decided to not teach piano lessons anymore. She had each student come up at the end of the recital to receive a framed quote by Heber J. Grant about persistence. The first student she called up was one of Jack's best friends. She went on to comment about this student and how his qualities remind her of Heber J. Grant. She then called up my two boys and I am now wondering if Jack and Ryan could be the reason she decided to not teach piano anymore. :)

Here are her comments:

"I had Jack and Ryan come up together because they come to piano lessons together. They are quite the pair, I tell you. Jack is a really quick learner. I have been impressed by his ability to catch on to things really quickly. As you can see from the pieces he played tonight, he likes to play very quickly as well. Ryan has a great sense of timing. Not only a sense of timing with humor like his dad, but when it comes to playing the piano he can really keep a great beat. I have really noticed that is one of his strong points. I can’t let them go without saying a few other things. If you look into these two little boys eyes, there is a little bit of mischief in those eyes. So there is more to being a piano teacher than I realized when I got these two boys. When I think of times with them it is not limited to sitting on the piano bench, it is things happening in my living room. I can tell you stories about . . . I can look at my carpet, a candle I have (they know what I am talking about), magazines, my lamp, pillows, my Halloween decorations and they all have a story because of these two. So you two will not be forgotten. You’re great!"

I would have taken the Heber J. Grant comparison. But she definitely described my boys!!


Scarehaircare said...

Ha! How could those two sweet-face guys be any trouble at all?

Grandma Bethany said...

You are both doing so well with playing the piano. I love to hear you play when you come to visit. I am hoping you will continue on with another teacher. You both have such talent!

Annette said...

Keep up the good work boys! You'll never regret it! Heather, my email is
keep in touch!