Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kindred Spirits

So I should be packing and getting ready to fly out to Mexico in the morning but I wanted to do a quick post.

The first hours after Morgan's birth were difficult. I remember bringing Morgan home from the NICU and thinking I would get a phone call from some Down syndrome support group letting me know that they had heard about Morgan and welcoming us into their community. That phone call never came. I started to feel like maybe I was the only one out there going through this adjustment. I grasped at anything I could to find information and support. Initially I turned to the Internet and found information but not support. It was before blogging was around. I heard about a Halloween Buddy Walk up north in a mall and dragged my family to it. I remember Gavin asking why we needed to go to a buddy walk with our 4 week old baby. We would have years to go to these things. We weren't going for Morgan. It was for me. I just needed to see other families and children with Ds and know that I was not alone. I am forever grateful that we made the effort to go. That is where I met my first 'kindred spirit' in the world of Down syndrome. I needed that friendship and support. We started a playgroup with other moms and pretty soon had a big group of friends getting together on a monthly basis. It was so helpful those first few years to have that support system and ability to share each other's knowledge. We don't get together very much anymore with how busy life has gotten and maybe don't need the playgroups as much now that our lives are feeling 'normal'. But I still feel a deep connection with three of the moms I got to know those first few years of Morgan's life. I am so grateful for their friendship! We have a common bond that will always keep us close. Love you Carrie, Amy and Beth!

Morgan and I went to see one of her friends (and my friend, her mom) at the hospital today. She just had open heart surgery a few days ago. I remember the feelings of going through that-- Morgan had open heart surgery when she was 4 months old. Lauren is doing great and should be going home tomorrow! YAY! It had been almost 2 years since we had seen each other (She moved a year ago). It was so fun for me to see how much Morgan's friend had progressed and changed. She was excited to see Morgan and didn't want her to leave. She even invited Morgan to come and sit in her hospital bed with her.

They weren't too happy in this picture since "The Incredibles" wasn't available to watch

Lauren shared her Barbie laptop with Morgan

One of our first playgroups together

Lauren, Morgan and Amanda --their first 4th of July

The playgroup getting bigger with 10 friends

Lauren's 2nd birthday party--O.T. with pudding!

Morgan's not sure about all this chocolate mess

3 Best Friends (Lauren, Amanda and Morgan)


Toni Mehraban said...

So freaking cute. Isn't it fun to watch them grow up together? I hope Lauren is doing great after her surgery. They are so curagious!

Grandma Bethany said...

I am so glad Lauren is doing well. What a relief it was when we learned our little Morgan's heart surgery went well.
Morgan and I had such fun together yesterday, just the two of us 'hanging' out all day. She was my little 'cuddlebug'.
Love you Morgan.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

I'm glad you have that group of "kindred spirits" to rely on. I was just noticing that the picture with your friend holding 2 babies and the little girl sitting in from - your friend looks like she has a halo on her head! How appropriate for a mom with a child that has many challenges to be given a halo!!

Jethro said...

I just saw you commented on my blog. I will subscribe to yours as well. Such a cute family.

Ursenbach Family said...

I love you Heather, I am so glad that we all have each other! I love watching our little ones grow up, and of course am sometimes afraid of whats next! I also am thankful for our friendships! Sorry dinner didn't work out this week.