Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun in the sun!

We will be heading back to SLC tomorrow afternoon. But we (at least, I) have been having a great time relaxing around the pool. If you know Gavin well-- you know he does not enjoy relaxing and hanging out around a pool or beach for more than 15 minutes. But he humored me yesterday and spent most of the day out by the pool, relaxing. And he is paying for it now. (I will post pictures after I get home.) I am not sure I have EVER seen anyone get so burned on their thighs (sure, the shoulders or back-- but ¿legs?) (And how cool is it that this computer has upside down question marks¿?) He can barely walk and is religiously applying aloe vera hoping for some sort of miracle! Mia is doing great and once again getting a ton of attention from everyone. I am loving the break! We have been hanging out with a fun couple from Tooele and enjoyed talking until 2 am last night and then SLEEPING IN until 10 this morning. That is what I call a real vacation! I have missed my 5 little blessings back in SLC more this time around and I think it is probably because we were just here with them in the fall and have lots of fun memories here with them. The weather has been so much better this time around though. No humidity and a nice little breeze.
¡Adios mis amigos!


Aaron and Lisa said...

Hi Heather. We miss y'all and the others in our "old" ward. How are things? We are just getting used to our new ward and are being set apart on Sunday as...activity chairmen ( both Aaron and I). I'm excited and have all these ideas flying through my head already. Say hi to everyone in the ward for us.
:) Lisa Stillman

Toni Mehraban said...

love the upside down punctuation!