Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sick, sick and even more sick

I am not sure what happened to last week. All I really remember is spending way too much time in the doctor's office. It all started on Tuesday when Morgan got home from preschool and I noticed yellow/orange drainage in her right ear (she has a tube in that eardrum), apparently an ear infection after a week of having a yucky cold. I took her to see her pediatrician who diagnosed her with an ear infection and sinusitis. We got her started on antibiotics that night. Then the next day, Wednesday, Griffin was acting more sick than he had been. He also had been sick with a cold for about a week --not eating or sleeping well--but by Wednesday he had a fever of 101 degrees, so it was back to the doctor's office. He had fluid in both ears and a sinus infection. Once again it was time to go to the pharmacy for more antibiotics. Meanwhile, Morgan was kind enough to share her cold with Mia which made it difficult for her to nurse and gave her a croupy cough. Thursday morning Ryan woke up with a headache, stomachache and fever. He stayed home from school and ended up helping me more with his three sick younger siblings than getting the rest he needed. By that night his fever was up to 104 degrees, so I had Gavin take him to the Kid's Instacare to see if he had strep throat. His strep test was negative. Oh, didI forget to mention that I also got sick with a cold and sore throat? Gavin was sweet enough to take the afternoon off of work so that I could take a bath and nap while he took care of the kids, did the laundry, changed the linens on our bed, etc. (all the things I had not felt up to doing). On Friday it was Mia's turn to go to the doctor's office. Luckily, her oxygen saturations were good and her lungs sounded good, but the doctor was still concerned that it was RSV and wanted us to go back today. We went this morning and she was struggling more to breathe (retractions around her ribs and rapid breathing) but really improved after deep suctioning. So we are hoping we can keep her out of the hospital. We are supposed to take her in if she goes more than 5 hours without being able to nurse or take a bottle, develops a fever, or shows signs of difficulty breathing. It is so sad to see Mia sick at such a young age. I am hoping that I can start passing her some antibodies in her milk and get her better soon! Here's hoping for a better week next week!


Toni Mehraban said...

My cold was no match for your horrible week! I'll stop complaining now (sometimes I just need some perspective!). I hope everyone feels better soon.


kellyclay said...

Heather, I am so sorry for your horrible week with everyone being so sick. I hope and pray for a much healthier week for your family, and that Mia gets feeling better quickly. how great of Gavin to stay home and help you out, also what a trooper Jack is for helping you out too when he was not feeling well, he will be a great Husband and Father someday.

Heidi Rushing said...

Your week sounds like mine - better luck to both of us on the days ahead!

grandma Bethany said...

Sorry Grandma is not much help this week. But I do have to say that Guatemala is very beautiful and temperatures in the 70's here.
I am so thrilled that we can see your blog here and hoping little Mia along with the rest of you are feeling better. Also love that toothless smile of Hadley's!

karol said...

Oh, I so understand. We're with you on this one, Heath. Literally, we had the same sort of week. Take care of little Mia. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse --as in feeding, not your paid occupation :) to get her better!! Also, I love it that your Mom is vacationing and enjoying the 70's while we're getting dumped with snow and in the 30's. It's not fair! ;)