Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anyone seen the tooth fairy?

Hadley was very excited to lose her two front teeth. She even asked me to pull out her tooth when it was just starting to wiggle. She was so excited to say, "Merry Christmas (Merry Chrithmath)" without her teeth. Unfortunately she was still able to say Merry Christmas just fine and the tooth fairy took 3 nights to finally come and claim her tooth and leave some money. Apparently the tooth fairy was a little busy and forgetful this week!


Scarehaircare said...

Sending cyber chicken soup and hoping you are all feeling better. Tell Hadley that we think she looks darling with her new look.

PS the tooth faerie also forgets at our house and often leaves the money under sheets and beds. The kids can't find it and need Mom to help them look.

kellyclay said...


The Tooth Fairy forgot a lot at your house too, so finally just ended up telling my boys the truth.

kellyclay said...

that was supposed to say our house.

karol said...

The tooth fairy can get busy with all the pick-ups and deliveries. Sometimes it simply just takes a few days, right? Or sometimes, the $ has been know at our house to slip down under the bed or something and need a little help finding it. ;)