Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Morgan's been tagged...
for the love/hate meme by Lauren at Scarehaircare

Morgan loves . . .

Playing in the snow
Going to the park to swing and slide
Lemonade in sippy cups
Cheeseburgers and fries with sauce (ketchup)
Singing and Dancing
Cake and ice cream at grandma's house
Jumping on the trampoline
Speech therapy with Maria
Her baby sister ("I hold her?")
Pestering her little brother
Eating chips in a bowl while she watches Barney
Grandma and Grandpa Stewart, Uncle Blake and Buster
Nan and Papa Seal
Movies with popcorn
Her blankets just right
Corn on the cob
Her thumb

Morgan hates . . .

Mom brushing and fixing her hair (big tears and screams)
Things that are hard for her to do
Being reprimended
Milk (unless it is chocolate)
When Barney sings his "I love you" song (the show is over) "Go away Barney!!"
Sharing with Griffin

Morgan tags her cousins Grace at The Pruden Family, Cameron at The Stewart Family , Will at Rushing Review and Ryder at Pug Dog House.

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Heidi Rushing said...

That is why we love our Morgan!