Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Twilight Mania!!

>'Twilight' Quiz<>

You are Alice. You are fun and a great person to be around! Your love is Jasper. You can see through people's limitations to the success within them; this is what makes you so optimistic. You are enthusiastic, and sometimes annoy your friends with your insane hyper-ness!
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Ok so if you haven't read the books yet (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse)--it's time!! :) I took the Twilight Quiz and I am not sure how they figured out that I am most like Alice since I only aswered a few questions. But I'll take it, even though I am far from being a great hostess and party planner!


Brittany said...

I just commented on Heidi's blog that I guess I really need to read these books since everyone I know has! Can I borrow your books if you own them?

Jolie said...

Brit- Maddie and I have read them all. We have New Moon, but borrowed the others. I think Grandma Bethany has Twilight.. that's maddie's new email! :)