Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are all our cute kids in front of our 6' tall turkey. Sure there are some neighbors that tease us about our big turkey in the front yard, but the kids (especially Morgan and Griffin) think he is the best thing to happen to Thanksgiving!

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and then dessert with the Seal Family at our house that night. I spent most of Thanksgiving cleaning my house and getting ready for the dessert party and wasn't a very fun mom. While other families were out going to movies and having fun...I was busy giving cleaning chores to all the kids. Hopefully next year I will be more of the 'fun mom'.

Gavin was quite the hit this Thanksgiving. He made sugar cookies and had all the kids decorate them as turkeys. It made it all worth it when his niece, Avery, starting asking for Gavin and wondering where he was. He quickly escalated to the 'favorite uncle' status with her. He even made some yummy cinnamon roll bread sticks that everyone assumed I had made. Nope, I only did yams and green bean casserole this year. Sure he took some jabs from his brothers ("Gavin Martha Stewart' etc) but I love my husband and love his willingness to try new things and make the holidays memorable for his children.

At midnight I hit the big sales at Fashion Place Mall with my sis-in-law, Jill. We were very tired and could have spent so much more money if we had been more awake! :) I have spent the rest of the weekend trying to recuperate from that late night shopping spree.

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kEnNedY said...

Sounds like loads of fun and like our house! While all of the men watched football my mom cooked and cleaned and then we looked at all the adds to plan our black Friday spree! I almost spent more money then my mom even-it was out of control!