Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!


We started the festivities by having a Halloween pumpkin carving/dinner party at Chad and Jill's house. It was fun for all the kids to be able to hang out with their cousins and see everyone in their costumes. Unfortunately, we don't seem to get together that often anymore and four months had passed since they had all been together. And of course, Jill always amazes us with her beautifully decorated home. I felt like I was in a very cute Halloween boutique!


The next night we had a Halloween party up at Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house. The kids came in their costumes but didn't stay in them for very long (the novelty was already starting to wear off...or I just wanted to keep them clean for Halloween). We had a chili dinner, carved pumpkins and grandma had all the kids help her make popcorn balls.


Jack dressed up as a hobo this year. I was just glad that for once, we didn't have to buy a costume and could be creative with just using stuff from around our house...and a pair of big, worn out jeans from the DI (a local thrift store). All the kids were in heaven with their first adventure to the DI. Jack commented that we should always shop there for his pants. Ryan couldn't believe they would actually sell used underwear. And Hadley saw all the kids looking at the toys and said, ' I thought you said the DI gives our toys to kids that don't have any. I didn't know it was a store.' I think she was disappointed that all her toys and stuffed animals that she had been forced to donate over the years were actually just going to kids that were out shopping with their parents. But at least they all seemed to be happy as we left the store with their new treasures from the DI---books, more frog stuffed animals for Jack (I'm not sure there is even anymore room on his bed for more), a barbie case for Hadley, etc.


Ryan decided to dress up as a cheerleader. Gavin was quite adamant that Ryan was not going to dress up as a girl. Ryan kept saying that all his best friends were all going as cheerleaders and he wanted to, too. I finally convinced Gavin that it was all in good Halloween fun and that it seems to be a phase for all the boys around 9-11 years old. So I went to Target and found the only cheerleader costume left (size 6-8) and took it home. Ryan was so excited until he looked at the packaging on his costume. He was a little mad and asked me why there was a girl on the front of the package in his costume (He was already in the costume at the time and didn't seem to question why his costume had a skirt...hmmmm). I told him that he was dressing up as a 'Girl
Cheerleader'. He quickly said he didn't want to be a GIRL cheerleader...just a cheerleader. Well he seemed to be okay with the costume after he realized that all of his friends were also going as girl cheerleaders with make-up, false eyelashes, wigs, etc. And for the record, somehow Ryan came home with the most loot last night. I am not sure how it worked since he went to the exact same houses as Jack!


Hadley dressed up as the cutest witch (besides Morgan, of course)! She decided after we got home from Mexico that she wanted to keep her braids in until the night before Halloween so that she could have big, frizzy witch hair on Halloween. It was nice to have those 3 weeks of not worrying about fixing her hair, but also a long time to not be able to really wash her hair. It took 2-3 hours to get out all of her braids on Halloween Eve, but she definitely did end up with big, frizzy witch hair--Just like she wanted. She also loved her big witch's hat with all the purple feathers.


Morgan dressed up as witch, also. Every time I asked Morgan what she wanted to be for Halloween she would say, 'Santa!' I probably should have let her go as Christmas is by far her favorite holiday and she talks about it all through the year. We even listen to Christmas CDs in the car all year round because Morgan just can't seem to get enough of 'Jingle Bells'. Well unfortunately I didn't have a Santa costume on hand but did have this darling witch costume that her cousin, Avery let her borrow. She had so much fun last night out trick or treating! We had such beautiful weather and were able to walk around the neighborhood without gloves or coats on and still be comfortable. She absolutely loved going up to each door to say, 'Trick or Treat!!!' Everyone commented on how adorable she looked and seemed to give her lots more treats than any of the other kids on the porch. Morgan didn't complain...she told them 'THANKS!!' and 'Happy Halloween!' It was so fun to see her have so much fun with the holiday traditions. Last year we were on the beach in Orlando and skipped Halloween all together, so this was her first real year to understand and enjoy Halloween. Now I will just have to watch her extra close because I am sure she is going to want to try out this new concept of 'trick-or-treating' any given day of the week.


Griffin made the cutest lion with his big dark eyes and cute little growl. He really fought me at first with putting the hat portion on him until I showed him what he looked like in the mirror and let him do a few growls. After that he was just fine with wearing the costume. He didn't like mom or dad in a costume though. That seemed to be too scary for him.


And here we are! Gavin always seems to find a potpourri of stuff to make his costumer from whatever old costumes he finds in the costume bucket...I think he was some sort of clown (he had taken off his mask by the time we got this picture). I was a vampiress aka Bella (after she finally marries Edward and is 7 months pregnant). The big news in my life is that I cut off about 8 inches of my hair the day before more ponytails for awhile! I am also wondering why all the kids decided to leave their Halloween bags full of candy in the kitchen when they went to school this morning. I have now had candy bars for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, etc.


Brittany said...

All the kids look so cute, and that cracks me up about Morgan wanting to be Santa! Too funny. I am glad you guys had such a good Halloween. Your costume looks good too! I like the hair!

Heidi Rushing said...

I can't believe Ryan went as a girl! Scott would never let that happen! That was hilarious - especially that he really didn't understand being a cheerleader meant being a girl (until it was too late!) I love your haircut! I am in the middle of volume 3 of Bella and Edwards romance! Most the girls in my ward were vampires this year due to the Bella craze too. The kids all looked adorable.