Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan turned 9 on Thursday!! The day started by waking up early, opening presents and blowing out the candles before leaving for school. Ryan was so excited about getting a ripstik for his Birthday. He (and Gavin) has spent a lot of time these last few days trying to master this new 'skate'board. He is getting better at it each day. I just watch and give advice on what to do to make it work better (since I am sure I would be great on it if I weren't off balance with this big pregnant belly). He was able to stay on it for quite awhile today, though!

I took cupcakes to his class for his Birthday treat. This is a picture of him with some friends from school. After his birthday treat he got to leave school and go with us to lunch. Usually Gavin takes the kids by himself, but this year Ryan felt he wanted me to go, too! :) He picked Training Table as his favorite place...yummy cheese fries and dipping sauce!
Ryan shares his Birthday with his cousin, Noah (who is one year younger). We usually try to do something together with his family and this year we went to dinner with their family at The Old Spaghetti Factory to finish out the big day. Ryan will have his friend Birthday party next week at The Lion House. (more details to follow...)
In honor of his Birthday, here are 9 things you should know about Ryan:

1. He is one smart kid! He started reading at 4 and hasn't stopped! He surprised us with knowing the entire Pledge of Allegience when he was just two. His teachers always talk about
what a great student he is and his willingness to help out others in the class that are struggling on assignments.
2. He is athletic! He really is good at any sport he tries. He taught himself how to ride a two-wheeler when he was four. He is great at soccer, basketball, and football.
3. He's got rhythm! It is so fun to watch him play the piano. He has such a natural ability to feel the rhythm of the songs. He sways back and forth as he plays his songs...just like the pros!
4. He's fiesty! He loves to argue with me. He reminds me so much of myself as a child. That is probably why I have such little patience at times.
5. He is very tender hearted and loving! For example, last year when we all went to get our flu shots, he started to cry when it was Morgan's turn because he didn't want her to have to get one.
6. He is great at video games! He loves to play his nintendo DS and gamecube with his friends.
7. He is a great friend! He is very loyal to his best friends, Tate and Tanner.
8. He is a comedian! No one can get Jack laughing more than Ryan. He definitely has his dad's sense of humor.
9. He is a great eater! He has always been a great eater...from day one! He loves fish, steak, veggies, avocados, artichokes, grapefruit, etc. He is always willing to try something new.

Happy Birthday Ryan! We love you so much and are grateful for all the things that make you one of a kind! :)


Scarehaircare said...

Happy birthday Ryan! We think you are cool, too.

Brittany said...

It looks like Ryan had a fun birthday! That is so true about him having a tender heart! He is so sweet with both of my little girls. I wouldn't even expect a boy his age to notice them!

Bethany said...

Ryan makes us happy in so many ways.
He always is happy to see us and give us a big hug. Hopefully he won't out grow wanting to do that for many, many years. He is our Utah Jazz buddy. He knows so much about basketball and all the players on both teams. He loves to talk to grandpa and me about the game and he knows what he is talking about!
We love taking him to the Jazz games whenever we can.