Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

We had kind of a quiet celebration on New Year’s Eve.  We originally had plans for a bigger party but a couple of families were hit with sickness and another found a better option with other friends so it was just our little family (smaller than usual with the teenagers and pre-teen heading out to their own parties) and my parents and brother, Uncle Blake.  But we still had so much fun being together and the little kids were so excited for the party  . . .  games, NYE toasts with our Christmas goblets, hitting pots and pans and silly string a midnight.  And having Grandma and Grandpa over made it feel like a real party!

Last night for Christmas lights on the house.

 We tried to put the kids to bed early so they wouldn’t be exhausted but our ‘early plan’ ended up being closer to midnight.  The kids had only been in bed for a few minutes when the fireworks started exploding around the neighborhood.  Morgan and Mia ran back downstairs to go outside in the cold and bang pots and pans.  Griffin was so tired.  He came back downstairs crying, asking if we could please be quiet that he just wanted to sleep.  Ryan and Hadley came home from their friend’s just in time for the countdown.

And nothing is sweeter (or wetter) than a little New Year’s kiss from Morgan!

Happy 2013!

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Vennesa said...

Heather I would have loved to come to your New Year's Eve party unless I had a better offer!