Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Wonderland Birthday

Time goes by so quickly! I can’t believe my baby is FIVE.  This little surprise baby is growing up too quickly.  I can’t imagine my life without this sweet little girl at the end of our family.  She’s my little shadow and love.

Mia loves her birthday and looks forward to her party all year.  I thought it would be fun to have a little winter wonderland party since her birthday is right after Christmas and we had lots of snow in our backyard when I started planning the party.

Mia loved the idea and stood right next to me as I designed her birthday invitation (telling me where to put the snowman and to take off the penguin).  Kissing me over and over, “Oh Mama, this is going to be the best birthday party ever! (kiss, kiss)”  That kind of love and excitement makes doing birthday parties all worth it!

Birthdays right after Christmas are hard.  I always think I’ll save some of her Christmas stuff to give to her on her birthday but I don’t.  I walked up and down the toy aisles, not seeing anything that she didn’t have or need, and forced myself to buy a few more Lalaloopsy dolls so she could have some toys to open on her birthday morning.  The rest of her presents were clothes.  And she didn’t hide her under enthusiasm as she opened sweaters, shirts, leggings and slippers. “Why did you get me clothes and not toys for my birthday?"

It ended up that we had playgroup on her birthday so we took all of her cute friends to Chick-Fil-A for lunch before dropping them off at school. 

Moments before her party, it started snowing.  Almost all of the snow that we had when I started planning the party had melted and turned to slush so it was perfect timing.  We got hit with a huge snowstorm that weekend and got as much snow as the ski resorts. 

Party details (and links):  Penguin beach balls, mini snowman globes, penguin pinata, penguin squirt toys, winter animals sleep masks, penguin sand art necklaces, penguin swirl lollipopsbouncy balls and polar bear suckers.
The girls (and Griffin) all had a great time with the crafts.  I tried to keep it simple with activities they could do on their own.  They started with coloring a snowman for their mini-snow globe.  Hadley was the helper in the kitchen with the medicine syringe and filling the snow globes full of water.  Then it was time for penguin necklaces sand art.  My mom was a big help with the sand art.  It was actually pretty mess free and the necklaces turned out really cute.  If I did this party again, I would have had enough medicine syringes for each child to fill up their own snow globe and I would have splurged and bought enough little bottles for each color of sand, that would have made it so they could have done their penguin necklaces all on their own.

The party guests

This poor snowman cake was half frosting.  The cake really stuck to the bowls and I didn’t feel like making another one so I just filled in all of the missing cake sections with frosting. Mia didn’t mind.

After the crafts, presents and cake and ice cream it was time to get all of the snow gear on and go play in the snow.  I wish we would have had more time for this part of the party because the kids all loved playing out in the snow together and had so much fun!

A little penguin pinata time.  I really should have gotten this on video.  Pinatas and snow just don’t go together.  Once the penguin broke open, the candy started sinking into the snow and the kids couldn’t pick any pieces up with their huge gloves on.

In honor of her 5th birthday, 5 things we love about Mia Kate:

1.  She’s a mama’s girl.  Being the my last baby and home with just me most days, we get a lot of quality time of being together.  She’s always by my side even when I’m busy, she’s right next to me with crayons and paper, coloring her heart out.  And I love that she’s five and still calls me “Mama”.

2.  She’s brilliant.  She has no idea when to use “she” or “her” in a sentence and always uses the wrong one.  She used to always say “her” and after I explained to her that it could also be “she” at times, she switched to only using “she”.  “Mama, do you think I could play with she after school?”  The other night I was trying to explain to her when to use she or her.  She had had enough of my discussion and looked at me and said, “Alright.  Enough of the Math talk.”  Griffin has high hopes that she’ll get it figured out in Kindergarten in the fall.

3.  Girl’s got an attitude.  She is seriously so full of spunk, sass and attitude.  I love it.  It worries her dad.

4.  She loves to play with her dolls, toys and color and draw.  She can go days without watching TV and never asks to play on the computer, iPad, or any electronic device (unlike her siblings).

5.  Every night when she is tucked into bed she has to have a bedtime song and prayer.  We take turns. One of us sings the song and the other one says the prayer.  Some nights are so rushed and I just want to get all of the kids in bed and have some quiet time, but she never lets us forget and I love hearing her cute songs she is learning at school.  And sometimes she makes up really cute ones about her birthday . . .


Emily said...

Looks like so much fun! Mia is adorable!! That song was so cute!

Grandma Bethany said...

Oh how we love our Mia (me-me)..She is truly our little sweetheart and I love all of her hugs when she sees me!
Such a fun party. It always amazes me how much work goes into a party and how much the kids love a party at your house!

JenB said...

Your parties always amaze me! My poor baby (7 years old ) has yet to have a "friend" party. He's right before Christmas (Dec20) ...