Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning is always crazy chaos.  We make the kids all wait to go into the room and open presents together. Morgan really liked what Santa brought Mia and kept riding around on her new bike instead of checking out her new scooter.

Hadley is always so thoughtful and makes sure to get everyone a gift.  She spent lots of time knitting these hats for Griffin and Mia.  She also framed a subway art that she made just for Griffin.

Morgan got a scooter and Lalaloopsy doll from Santa and LOTS of Disney stuff from us.  She loves the movies Brave and Tangled right now.  She was excited about her new horse, Maximus, from Tangled and gave it a test ride.

Ryan got BYU gear and skull candy headphones.  Jack got the newest iPad.  He has been working and saving up for it and paid $500 towards it.  Hadley got a scooter and a new iPod so she can now take pictures and upload them to Instagram.  Mia got lots of Lalaloopsy dolls and a bike.  Griffin got the Lord of the Rings lego set he wanted and games, toys and lots of books.

We also got another Christmas surprise from Nan and Papa . . . A Christmas book with their voices recorded on it, reading the story to the kids.  We all loved it.  Such a treasure.

Gavin made his specialty overnight french toast with yummy syrup for breakfast.

Then it was time to meet up at my parents home for a late brunch and more gift giving.  

The kids were all excited with their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.  Jack and Ryan got loaded up with BYU and UofU gear.  Ryan got the NBA jersey he was hoping for and disappointed because it wasn’t under our tree.  That’s the risk I take when Grandma asks for ideas of what the kids would like for Christmas.  Morgan loved the new roller skates and leash for her Build-A-Bear dog.  Griffin got his first pair of roller skates and a helmet and knee pads.  Mia got Lalaloopsy bus and ferris wheel.  And Hadley got to open the clothes that she had picked out when she went Christmas shopping with Grandma.  We gave Grandma and Grandpa season tickets to Hale Center Theater since that seems to be a favorite gift for them.

My parents with all of the grandkids in town for Christmas.  

We ended the night at home, playing games together and just relaxing.  This Christmas stuff is exhausting.  I am always ready for it be over by the time it rolls around.  Online shopping was the only thing that saved me this year.  So nice to be able to shop in your pajamas and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Merry Christmas to All!

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