Friday, August 5, 2011

Boating Birthday

I can’t believe my oldest is now 14! A soon-to-be ninth grader!  It’s crazy and a little sad (okay, a lot sad) how quickly the years and birthdays come and go.  Jack is growing up and becoming a full fledged teenager.  He grew about 6 inches this past year and is now almost as tall as I am.  And he loves it!  His feet are big enough now that he can share Sunday shoes with his dad.  And Jack and Ryan’s favorite Sunday morning activity is going into their dad’s closet and choosing one of his ties to wear to church that day.  

Jack’s always been a smart, independent kid.  And he signed up for a difficult school schedule in the fall.  He already has an AP Geography summer project.  Something to do with maps.  Hopefully he’s been doing it.  And a project of collecting insects over the summer for his Honor’s Biology class.  The teacher told the kids to put the bug in a Ziploc bag, label the date and location of the bug, and put it in the freezer.  Apparently that’s the most humane way to kill an insect.  Not sure how they would know if that’s true but it doesn’t really matter because our freezer is full of Ziploc bags containing earwigs, moths, beetles, bees, potato bugs, etc.  Gotta love school projects!

Jack knew exactly what he wanted to do for his birthday celebration . . . boating.  Just like he did last year.  He invited a few friends to help celebrate his day.  They came over first thing in the morning and had some cake and ice cream for breakfast before heading out for the lake.  Jack opened his present (card) from us.  It was a card that had cut out pictures of his gifts that would be arriving in the mail in the next few days.  A new ipod and SL Real soccer ball.  He was excited, even if it was just pictures.  Ryan surprised him with xbox games purchased at the DI.  And Hadley got him a birthday card and treat.  Love when my kids think about each other and want to help make their sibling’s day a special one!

The birthday boy! (U of U colored balloons)

The party guests
Jack, Jackson, Ryan, Matt, Jace and Logan

It was the perfect day for boating.  Beautiful weather.  Smooth water.  And an almost unoccupied lake.  

There was wake boarding


Knee Boarding


And lots of wipe outs!

It was a great birthday celebration and I think all of the boys had fun trying out new tricks behind the boat.  We ended the day with a late lunch in Park City and headed home.  Jack spent the rest of the day playing his new xbox games from Ryan.

The Sunday following his birthday he was asked to give a talk on pioneers in Sacrament meeting.  He did an excellent job.  Grandma and Grandpa came to show their love and support for him and got the added bonus of hearing Hadley and Morgan sing a Pioneer Song with the Senior Primary during the meeting.  After the meeting we all met with the Bishop and Jack was released from his calling as Deacon’s Quorum President and ordained a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.  I am so proud of Jack and the good choices he is making in his life to be the best that he can be.  He’s a great example to his little brothers and sisters and they adore him and so do we!

Happy Birthday Jack!  We love you!!!  


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Looks like fun - happy birthday!

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happy b day