Saturday, July 30, 2011

15 Years!

When Gavin and I were dating we went on a weekend trip to St. George with Jeff and Rae.  We stopped at a gas station so Gavin could run in and grab a drink.  He came out with a huge smile on his face, excited to let us know that the gas station carried red creme soda in their fountain drink selection.  He was driving my red Honda Accord and I was in the passenger seat.  Jeff and Rae were sitting in the back.  He balanced his drink on my dashboard and drove off.  I don’t think we made it even two blocks before the drink tipped over and spilled all over me, down the dashboard, into the vents and all over Jeff’s mix tape collection.  Everyone was quiet and a little mad.  Jeff about his ruined tapes and me about red soda all over me and my car.  That’s when Rae dropped the, “Who, in their right mind, buys 32 ounces of red creme soda anyway???”   Gavin does!  So we celebrated 15 years of marriage with red creme soda floats at Jeff and Rae’s house.

Everyone had fun playing a game of add on.  
Jeff entertained everyone with his tricky maneuvers!

We ended the night with a Smore’s roasted in their backyard fire pit.

15 years . . . they haven’t all been easy but they’ve been so worth it!  Happy 15 Years!  


Summer said...

Happy Anniversary Heather! What a fun memory from dating. Cute wedding picture!

Becca said...

Happy anniversary! Love that you have such a crazy memory of the dating days! LOL

Grandma Bethany said...

I never heard that story! Glad it all ended happy and that you are still happy!!!