Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

It’s been a busy weekend, but my favorite kind of busy.  Outings and activities with the entire family, all of us together.

We kicked off the weekend with a late morning breakfast with Morgan’s buddies -- Lance and Jackson.  They are within 6 months of each other and met as babies at Kindermusik at Jordan Valley.  Lance moved away 6 years ago and we were so excited to go see him again.  I couldn’t believe his height or his vocabulary and speech.  I always seem to have a better time at these get togethers than Morgan does even if it’s supposed to be all for her!

The afternoon was spent at cheerleading with Morgan.  They are working on their new routine for competitions this winter.  I honestly can’t stop smiling when I get to go into the room and watch her practice.  All of the girls work so hard and some of them have already perfected their cartwheels and somersaults.   It's been such a great experience for her!

The last time we went to a Drive In movie was when Jack and Ryan were toddlers.  Long enough that they had no memory of it.  They were so excited as we drove into the parking lot and they saw all of the screens all around them.  Ryan, out of his excitement, announced that he was definitely going to take his date to a  Drive In movie when he was old enough to date.  

Morgan, Griffin and Mia were excited to sit in the back of the truck to watch a movie in their pajamas.  Griffin asked me if you could wear anything you wanted to Drive In Movies, like pajamas, or snow pants and snow boots, etc.   I didn’t realize going out of the house in their pajamas was so risque.

It started out well but then just went downhill.  Our view of the screen wasn’t the best and then about half way through the movie our car battery died and we could no longer really hear the movie.  We stayed for The Smurfs but left after a few minutes into Zookeeper.  I’m not giving up hope, though.  I would like to try it again and get there early enough to get a good spot and take a portable radio that we can have right by us while we watch the movie.

The weekend was full of picnics beginning with a picnic lunch at Liberty Park on Saturday.  Then we climbed around the playground, waded our feet in the canyon’s water area, pet a few random dogs, cooled off with snowcones and then rolled down the hill.  Mia’s favorite part of this adventure were the paddle boats.  (The boats we didn’t do because the wait was way too long).  Next time we’ll have to make sure we do the paddle boats.  For Mia.

We made a stop at the local goodwill shop (the DI) on our way to a water park.  I was excited to find a big set of dishes and silver stuff.  I got all of these dishes for $75 and silver goblets for $25.  I know Gavin thinks I am crazy but Hadley loves it and gives me her full support!  She helped take off all of the price tags late last night and loaded up the dishwasher so we could use them today.  She arranged the dishes on the dining room table and even made place settings for everyone.  We didn’t end up eating at home today but will definitely use our new dishes sometime during the week.  I inherited some of my Grandma Norma’s glassware, silverware and gold cloudy mirrors that no one wanted.  I love it!  When I asked Gavin what he thought about all of it, he let me know that if my goal was to make our dining room look like a grandma’s house then, “Job well done!  You did it!”  I think he secretly loves it!

We ended the day at Raging Waters.  My favorite part was the lazy river with all of us together on the tubes.  I love when we find something that all ages can enjoy.  And it felt so nice to cool off after being outside all day in the hot summer sun.  Jack felt a little cooler too after his much needed haircut on our way to the water park.  He doesn’t like it but give it a few weeks and it will be long again.

We decided to escape the summer heat and drive up to Heber City for a picnic after church today.  Our plan of escaping the summer heat didn’t work but the kids were excited to be up in the mountains.  Griffin was nervous that he’d fall off the tall point of the mountain and was disappointed when the park at the top of the mountain looked a lot like the park at the end of our street.  He was hoping we’d be climbing up big hills to get to the top of the mountain.  I’m thinking a family friendly hike up the mountain is in our near future.

We quickly ran out of drinks but Mia and Morgan made sure the last water bottle was all theirs by drinking out of the same bottle and letting the water go into their mouth, back into the bottle, and back into their mouth.  No one else wanted to share their water with a little of their dinner mixed in it. 

Everything is better with friends and family and the Weichers basically fall into both of those categories.  

I love this cute face!  Morgan trying to take a nap at the park.

Heads up!

We drove over to Heber Valley Railroad to let the kids play on the deserted trains

I love busy weekends.  It makes me feel like we made the most out of the time we have with all of us together.  We made new memories and hopefully some new traditions along the way.  Only 2 more weeks until the kids go back to school.  Hoping to make the most of it and surviving.  It gets a little chaotic around here by the end of summer.  The kids have done a great job on their weekly job charts again this summer which makes such a difference!


DKAZ said...

You guys were busy...looks like my whole summer post squished into one weekend.
Morgan is adorable in those cheer pics. She looks pretty dang coordinated too.
Love the dining room. Very, very antiquish with a modern flare.
Heber Valley don't realize how big it is till you are standing next to it-those family pics are really cute. BTW-your older three kids are growing up! They look so mature and handsome/pretty. Jack and Ryan being the pretty ones. ;)

Kristin said...

Fun fun!
So funny about the drive-in. I took my two last summer when Daddy was out of town. I didn't know what you were suppose to do about the car engine - do you keep it running or let the battery die! I think I let the car run at least halfway through the movie...

nic said...

i love your life. :) and i'll have to remember that water-bottle tip. smart girls, those two!

kecia said...

looks like a fabulous weekend! I LOVE those cheerleading pics! What a great thing to have her doing! I would love for the girls to do that in a few years! How old did you say they start?

Nadine said...

You did all of this in just one weekend? Looks like you had an awesome time! Your family is beautiful!

Meghann said...

Wow you know how to live it up! I saw Morgan's pic on FB. :( I hope she heals quickly.

Grandma Bethany said...

I love the new (to you) dishes. Also love that Hadley enjoys treasured things like you do. It is nice to know that those things that were important to grandma are important to you and someday will be treasured by Hadley.