Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

It rained and rained today for Father’s Day.  I was wiped out from just getting home from Youth Conference and wasn’t very prepared for Gavin’s special day this year.  Hoping he liked his Father’s Day Eve celebration (a 90 minute massage in the afternoon, swimming with the family and then dinner and a movie) enough to make up for the lack of festivities today.  Our fridge and cupboards were bare which meant no breakfast in bed.  Cinnamon toast for lunch.  And a pizza dinner with my family tonight.  I’m so lucky to have Gavin by my side helping me raise this wild group of kids!  He is an amazing father and always striving to be better and better at this job.  

Father’s Day picture outside in the rain.

Primary saved the day with cute gifts and cards for Gavin.  Mia made him a candy bar with her own wrapper around the edge.  Luckily daddy shared it with her because she really thought it was hers and showed me the proof . . . her name written on the side.

Ryan conveniently used a left over Skor candy bar from Griffin’s teacher appreciation gifts.  He just needed to scribble out a few words (“teacher” and “Griffin Seal”) and he had the perfect gift.  “I skor-ed getting you for my Dad. Thanks for a great year! Ryan Seal"

Hadley went all out today!  She spent the night before making lots of cards and crafts with Griffin for their dad.  She wanted him to know it was his special day and kept wishing him a happy father’s day.  She made him brownies tonight and then asked him if he wanted a back massage.  She is always such a thoughtful girl!
Dear Dad,
Your #1!!!
I don’t know how I got so lucky 
to have you as a father!
Thanks for all you’ve done!
I want to say so much (well write) 
however I’m running out of room!
I love you sooooo much!
Love, Hadley Seal

Griffin decided he didn’t like to have his picture taken and hid under the table and wouldn’t look at me.  I loved his cute cards!  He wanted his daddy to know that he really did love him 400 times!

Jack made a card tonight and left it on his dad’s nightstand.  He kept trying to print out a card on the computer yesterday but it wouldn’t print for him.

You are such a great dad.
The best dad anyone could have.
You have loved me so much. 
I love you so much.
Hope you had a happy Father’s Day
Love, Jack

Morgan’s cute card and picture of her daddy.  

Happy Father’s Day to my dear dad!  I have been blessed with incredible parents (happy 47th anniversary this past week!).  One of my favorite memories of my dad would have to be testimony meetings in the 10th Ward.  Every testimony meeting when we were growing up my dad would stand and bear his testimony and he would always end with something positive about my mom, usually about how he was so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.  He’s been such an incredible example of love, patience and acceptance.  I love you Dad!


The Michelle Show said...

Love all the cards from your kids - The skor bar is so funny!

Grandma Bethany said...

Again, love all your everyone under the umbrellas. Gavin is such a wonderful dad. It is obvious how much his kids love him! Griffin's card with his own writing...just priceless. Glad we could share the day with your family.

Jazzaholic said...

I still have the prettiest girl around and a pretty cute daughter too!