Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Run

It may be just fun for some but for others it’s a full on race.  I couldn’t even get a picture of Ryan (or Gavin) before he took off with his friends.  I only saw Hadley long enough to hand over the dog.  She begged and begged me to bring Zeus to school so he could run with her.  Still not sure how well that worked out for her.

Morgan and her friend Claire (and aide, Aubry) started running right out the school doors.

There was no pacing involved for Ryan and his friends.  They sprinted the entire 2 miles.  Gavin ran with them.  Staying a few paces behind them.  He claimed he didn’t want to beat any of them.  Uh huh.  He said Ryan and two of his friends stayed together the whole run until the end then Ryan and his friend, Josh, stopped to catch their breath while Tate just kept on going.

The winner of the race.  Tate.  You can see Ryan and Josh running in behind Tate.

They all couldn’t walk the next day and were popping Ibuprofen, except for Gavin.  He had no problems with sprinting two miles.  You can see him running into the finishing area by the police car.

Mia and Griffin got to enjoy the after-race treat without the race.

Morgan shows her friends how to do this running thing.  Look at her catching air after running one mile!


Tracy said...

Wow. Morgan is a good little runner. She has great form. Rachel runs with her legs out, not with her legs staying under her and her knees point outward. I really need to get her to work on that. Mia is getting cuter every day. She looks like a little princess. I cannot believe you guys can wear jackets in June, during a race no less. It is so hot and humid here that it makes me sweat just to see your kids in jackets! LOL

Vennesa said...

Looks like fun!