Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End of School.

It’s always full of emotions.  I have a hard time letting go and seeing a good thing end.  My kids have all had an amazing school year . . . loving teachers, great friends, learning and growth.  But I think what really gets me is that my babies are growing up.  There’s no way around it.  I was an emotional mess today as I was putting together the teacher’s gifts and looking through my pictures from the past school year.  Luckily I had Griffin by my side who gave me a big hug while I was mid breakdown.  I’m the mom who cries every year as I watch the sixth graders walk down the halls on the last day of school with the music playing in the background and everyone standing on the sides, cheering and clapping.  It doesn’t matter that none of the students are my children.  It gets me every time.  But tomorrow it will be my boy who’s being cheered on.   And I already know it’s going to be emotional to watch.  I am so happy for him but at the same time I just want time to stop for awhile.

Ryan with his friends on a field trip to Noodles & Company

Hadley had a good year.  Different but good.  She started with one teacher, had a few substitutes in between and ended with a different teacher.  She learned about flocks of geese and sticking together.  Values incorporated with her curriculum.  (Video of her class and curriculum before her first teacher got sick). Then she was in a classroom full of chaos with substitutes but she’s ending the year strong.  She loves Mrs. M and so do we!

It doesn’t help the emotional-ness of school ending that we still aren’t sure what the plans are for Morgan next year.  I’ve been told by the district that she is still going to be in the regular classroom, but instead of one full time aide, she will have two part-time aides.  We have been extremely lucky with Morgan’s aides.  Both of her aides from the past 2 years matched up perfectly with Morgan.  Expected big things from her.  Challenged her and pushed her to be more.  And most importantly, they loved her.  Genuinely loved her.  Not knowing what will happen in the fall and if we are getting Aubry back has been hard on all of us.  I put together a scrapbook to give Aubry.  I loved looking through all of the pictures and reflecting on the great experiences Morgan had in 2nd grade.  Here’s a look back at her year.   It’s been a good one.

I spent some time with Morgan helping her write her thank you cards for her teacher and aide.  It takes her so long to focus with all of the distractions in our house but she finally got them done.  My favorite part about writing the letters was that she knew what she wanted to write and she knew how to spell all of the words except “sweetheart”.  She got mad when I tried to get her to put a “t” at the end of the word.  Clearly anyone knows it is “sweethear without a t on the end”  Never noticed that she had been saying, “I love you, sweethear!”  all of this time!

“Mrs Aubry
Thank you
I love you
You are a sweethear
I will miss you
Come to my house and see me
I love you”

“Mrs Pendley
You are a fun teacher!
I love you!
I liked school
See you next year!”

I didn’t forget about Jack.  I honestly don’t really know any of his teachers.  They’re so on their own once they go to junior high.  No field trips.  No volunteers in the classroom.  No eating lunch with your student day.  No Halloween parades or class parties.  It’s all grown up stuff.  He’s had a great school year and continued to get excellent  grades.  He’s got a big year ahead of him next year in 9th grade.  He signed up for a few honors and AP classes.  I’m just hoping he gets his yearbook signed tomorrow. Last year they all took off early and didn’t do much with the yearbook.  I just remember it being such a big part of high school.  Must be a boy thing.  He just wants to get out of there and go bowling and hang out with his friends.


Grandma Bethany said...

Oh reading this makes so many memories flood through my mind!
For me having each of my children heading off to get on the bus for the first time to junior high school was the worst. I stood at the window each time and cried. Hard to send them off to the 'big wide world'. Love Morgan writing her sweethear letter. Love that girl!

Catherine Just said...

oh I just love her Aide! I really hope that she gets to come back and work with her again. And I have a feeling that the two aides will be wonderful as well.

Life with Kaishon said...

I know just what you mean! I am a mess the whole month of June. I try not to think of the years flying by, but it is hard not to. Your babies are precious. I hope they have a wonderful year.