Thursday, May 26, 2011

Worth the wait.

Happy 39th Birthday Gavin!  I bought U2 tickets for Gavin’s birthday.  Not this year but his birthday last year.  I felt instant regret after buying them.  Knowing they were my favorite band, not Gavin’s.  Spending way too much money on the tickets when I could have purchased less expensive seats.    Then right before our scheduled show Bono hurt his back and needed emergency surgery in Germany.  Our show was put on hold for a year.  I thought about the tickets from time to time wondering if I should just take them back and get a refund.  It wasn’t like we hadn’t seen them before.  We saw their Elevation tour 10 years ago and it was good but nothing I’d spend hundreds of dollars on again.  Luckily I never did anything with the tickets and let them sit in our drawer for 15 months.  No regrets with this show!  It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before.  The stage, the music, the lighting, the message, the vocals, the backdrop (blue skies and snow-capped mountains), the memories, my hot date.  All of it!!!   They put on an incredible show!  I’ve grown up with this band.  It’s been the soundtrack of my life.  Each song representing a different time . . .  junior high, high school, college, dating, shouting out the songs with my best friend as we drove all around the city, pre-mission, marriage, children, triathlons (Gavin’s, not mine).  All of the big times in my life had U2 playing in the background.  Well except for the day I got married.  That had a lot of Celine Dion but one day when I re-do our wedding video, I’ll be sure to at least include “Beautiful Day”! 

Turns out it takes a lot of trucks to haul all of the band’s stuff around.  Not to mention that stage that was almost as big as the stadium!

The stage

A little bit of the show.  The video doesn’t do it justice but it’s the best I’ve got.

Better video footage of All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me from the show.


Kristin said...

I don't know why I always forget my camera. My cell phone pics just didn't do that stage justice. The best part - I think this was the first concert where we didn't have some drunk beligerent guy next to us!

anya said...

how amazing is that stage??! so freaking fun!!!

Andrea said...

I would have to add a huge Amen to this. The best concert ever!

nic said...

i love that: the soundtrack to my life.

happy thirty-ninth to your hubby! what a perfect way to celebrate an awesome husband.

Grandma Bethany said...

Now I know why everyone is writing "A Beautiful Day" Didn't realize it was one of the songs!
So glad you could go and have beautiful weather!