Monday, May 23, 2011

End of the school year.

Which means lots of performances.  Recitals.  Awards.  Field trips.

We got to go eat lunch at school with Morgan.  She always gets so excited when she sees us walking down the halls or catches us peeking into her classroom.  So you can only imagine how excited she was to have us stay and eat lunch with her!
She had her 2nd grade music program.  I was smiling ear to ear throughout the whole performance.  I love watching Morgan interact with all of her classmates and friends and seeing my girl do the same thing all of the kids her age are doing.  Morgan’s unpredictable and I never know if she’s going to happily participate or sit with her finger in her mouth, looking down at the ground.  She started sitting and not wanting to do it but as soon as she heard the music she couldn’t help but stand up and sing along.

Ryan earned the Tiger Pride Citizen Award “Cooperation" for his 6th grade class.  This award is usually only given to one student in the classroom but Ryan’s teacher decided to give it to Ryan and his best friend, Tate.  She said the reason she chose two boys this time was because they cooperate all of the time with each other.  They are always getting along even though they might compete with each other.  If they see someone being left out, they are always the first ones to go over and ask them to join their group.  It just felt like the right thing to have both boys earn this award together.

Ryan is receiving this award for cooperation.  The sixth grade teachers know that we can 
count on Ryan to cooperate with us in and out of the classroom.  
He is always willing to help the teachers and his classmates.  Ryan sets a good example 
by cooperating with the teachers the first time he is asked.  Ryan works hard 
and is a good friend to many students.  He is a great example to all of the students.

Ryan and Tate with their teacher, Mrs D.

I got to tag along on Ryan’s field trip to the zoo.  It was a perfect spring day and weather for the animals.  They were all awake and playful.  So were the kids.

Jack had his final band concert last week.  He had a solo in the concert and did so well!  He’s really loved playing the trumpet and surprisingly never complained about having to wake up early several mornings a week to go to Advanced Band practice.   

All of his hard work paid off.  Check out this trumpet solo.  Go Jack Go!  (He is not the crazy dancer kid in the middle but the one on the back row, far right).

Griffin has really loved his preschool.  He’s made lots of new friends and gets asked to play by someone everyday.  It keeps him busy but he loves it!  He’s all about friends and play dates!

He got to be the circus ringmaster at his spring preschool performance and did such a cute job with all of the songs.  It was just last year that he refused to sing any of the songs and just sat there asking me how much longer until the program was done.  You’ve come a long way, baby!

He told me that this was his favorite song.  “Because it makes me miss you when I sing it at school”.
Ahhhhhh.  You know the way to your mama’s heart!

We took all of the kids out to lunch after their school program.  

Watch out Kindergarten!  You’ve got a wild one coming to your school!


Vennesa said...

Hey, we'll both only have one left at home next year. Crazy. I won't know what to do with myself!

Jazzaholic said...

Yes, watch out for Griffin! He is one wild and crazy boy! Love his singing and he does love his mommy! Sorry I missed Morgan's singing. Love how she gets so involved. Way to go Ryan. He definitely deserved his award. Jack's trumpet and concert was so good. I am amazed how well these students do in such a short time. Excellent concert!