Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of a kind

We feel extremely blessed and grateful to have Gracey in our life.  She made an instant connection and friendship with Morgan two years ago.  That scary day when we weren’t sure if we had made the right decision to have Morgan not go back to the cluster classroom but attend her regular neighborhood school for 1st grade.  Not sure if she would fit in and be included with her peers.  Gracey reached out to her and took extra special care of Morgan.  That friendship and love continues to grow and we can’t imagine our life without Gracey! 

She made the big decision to get baptized and wanted our family to be a part of her special day.  She asked Gavin if he would confirm her a member of the church.  It was such a privilege to be included in such an important event in her life.  She is the most tender, sweet, loving, caring 8 year old you will ever meet!  She cried through the entire thing and seeing her pure joy made everyone in the room cry happy tears along with her.

The cute sister missionaries who taught Gracey about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

You continue to amaze us Gracey and we love you so very much!!!


Lacey said...

What a sweet girl and a great friend!!

Kristin said...

How sweet!

Nicole Love said...

That's so neat! What a sweet girl!

Grandma Bethany said...

How wonderful that both of these darling girls are such good friends. Both of them are benefiting from this friendship. I am so happy for Gracey choosing to be baptized. I love her sweet face with her tears of happiness.

kecia said...

wow! what a story! that is incredible and how lucky for Morgan to have her in her life!