Thursday, May 27, 2010

University of Learning Graduation

U of Learning is a 5th grade program at our school. The students work on earning college degrees all throughout the year. Hours of research, posters, key point presentations, oral reports, service hours. The idea is to help get the students thinking about college now and set goals to one day become a college graduate. It's a great idea! They could earn several different degrees depending on how much work they did-- Technical, Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate. Ryan never asked for any help and did everything all on his own. That might be why he only earned his Associate's Degree. Cute kid! Only 2 students earned their Ph.D --both girls. Maybe that can be Ryan's ticket to success.

Ryan and Tate--both earned their Associate's Degree

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Grandma Bethany said...

Thinking back to 5th grade...let's see, I don't even know if I was thinking about high school graduation at the time. Now, Kennedy on the other hand....everything is done with her resume in mind! Good for you Ryan, that you did get a degree and I have confidence you will accomplish much more in the coming years!