Friday, May 14, 2010

Parents Lunch

It was 'parents lunch' for Morgan's grade at school today. We checked out Ryan and Hadley on their parent lunch day and took them OUT to lunch instead of eating the school cafeteria food. But didn't talk about doing that for Morgan. I was pleasantly surprised when we ordered teriyaki rice bowls and not only got something edible but yummy. Jamie Oliver would be so proud! Look at all that green! Broccoli, carrots, rice, fruit, jello, whole wheat bun. We got a new school district this year that promised healthier lunches and I'd say they're doing a great job!

Daddy and Morgan

Morgan with her bff--Gracey. Out on the playground

And of course we were there too. Just not as photogenic.


Vennesa said...

Our school lunch is scary, but yours really doesn't look so bad.
London wants me to bring my lunch and come eat with her at school before the end of the year. Your teriyaki rice bowl may have inspired me to bring Panda Express.

Grandma Bethany said...

I think Grandpa and I had that same menu on Grandparent's Day. I commented then that I thought the food had improved!
Darling pictures!

kellyclay said...

Great pictures. that food looks great!!