Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy (belated) April Fool's Day

I am playing a little catch up on my blogging. I feel like my life has been on fast forward speed all month and I now have a little break to get caught up on some things--important things-- like blogging.

Gavin and I earned the terrible parents award. We completely forgot about April Fool's Day until that morning. It was too late to do anything exciting with the rush of getting everyone ready for school and out the door.

But it wasn't too late for Ryan. He went online and googled 'April Fool's Day jokes'. The first joke he found was an idea to put a one dollar bill inside the toilet paper on the roll so the next person to use the bathroom finds money inside the toilet paper. Not so much a prank but a dream come true! He was really excited about doing it until he realized he had to give up some of his own money. So he settled for the second idea he saw. He asked me if I wanted to know what he had done and I told him I wanted to be surprised.

And it did give me a good laugh when I opened up the toilet seat to put Morgan on the toilet when she got home from school.

What is it with boys and loving potty humor?


grandma bethany said...

Oh got to love our Ryan! How funny that he found jokes from the internet. Never a dull moment in your house!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Too funny. Boys will be boys... my oldest (11) wanted to put plastic wrap over the toilet. I warned him, though, that if the prank "worked", he'd have to clean the mess. He chose not to :-)