Monday, April 20, 2009

It's great to be 8!

Happy 8th Birthday Hadley! She has been anxiously awaiting this birthday for quite some time. A lot happens at eight -- old enough to finally get her ears pierced, baptism, activity days with her primary friends, and a birthday party at the Lion House!

She got a new bike, mp3 player and Ds game for her birthday. And I think the mp3 won best birthday gift award. It was loaded with all her favorites--HSM, Naked Brothers Band, Jonas Brothers, Enchanted, Annie, Wicked, Aly & AJ, etc. She listened to it the entire day--didn't matter that she had two friends over and couldn't hear a word they were saying or interact with them. She just kept on singing her little heart out. Jack and Ryan finally asked if she could go in another room so they could hear the tv without her background vocals. Her birthday was last month and we haven't seen the mp3 player for awhile so it may have been a short lived gift. But she definitely enjoyed it while she had it.

Then it was off to the mall for her extreme makeover--earrings. Not that I didn't try to convince her otherwise. Because I did! I used all the best scare tactics...painful, infections, cleaning them 3 times a day, etc. She was not budging! She picked out some cute pink princess cut earrings and was all set! She was very brave and didn't even flinch when she got them pierced. And she has shown great responsibility with cleaning them all by herself 3 times a day.

She had her birthday party at The Lion House--a historic home where Brigham Young's family lived 150+ years ago. The girls get to go there and feel like a pioneer for the day-- wearing bonnets, playing pioneer games like 'button, button, who's got the button?', pulling taffy, touring around the house, and learning about life in the 1800s.

All of her birthday friends on the staircase in the Lion House

Hadley's doll that she chose as her party gift

Getting ready to make a wish. She is terrible at blowing out candles. It honestly took 8 tries!

In honor of her 8th birthday, here are 8 things about Hadley you may not have known

  1. She loves to read and was excited to start an American Girl book club with her friends. They all get together and read the same American Girl book--each taking turns reading a page

  2. She is tall (just like her mom) and towers over most of her friends.

  3. She loves ballet and gymnastics. She is trying really hard to learn how to do a back handspring by herself so she can advance to level 3.

  4. She has a really hard time talking in a soft voice especially when playing with Griffin and Mia. I have to be careful so I am not constantly asking her to talk quieter since it seems in this house there is always someone trying to sleep.

  5. She started to take piano lessons in the fall and is a natural. Rhythm and timing come easily and she is flying through her books!

  6. She is very independent. She spends a lot of time doing her own thing and is content hanging out in her room playing with her dolls, barbies, art projects, crafts, reading.

  7. She has many friends and loves to play. She likes to bring all of her friends directly to our house everyday after school.

  8. She has one busy schedule. Monday--piano, Tuesday-ballet, Wednesday--gymnastics, Thursday--ballet, Friday--Activity Days. She has to stick playtime in whenever she can find it!

    Happy 8th Birthday Hadlebugs! We love you!


Grandma Bethany said...

We do love our Hadley. We love her hugs each time we see her. We love her giggles. I especially love seeing her around her little brother and sisters. She is a very kind sister and it shows by how much they love her too. It is fun watching her grow...brings back many memories of seeing her Mom as a little girl.

Rebecca said...

What cute pictures. Happy Birthday Hadley!!

Heidi Rushing said...

Maybe they should invite primary girls to go on Treks. All those 8 year olds look so excited to wear bonnets and pretend to be pioneers while all I am hearing here is complaints from teenagers that they have to wear bonnets and pretend to be pioneers! Happy Birthday Hadley, you are becoming quite the young lady!