Monday, August 4, 2008

That's gonna hurt!

We had a relaxing Sunday yesterday with an early morning baby blessing of my niece Abi. Brunch at the Prudens. Board games in the afternoon with the kids. And a long walk to the park in the evening. The park is about 2 miles away and pretty much all uphill to get there. Gavin doubted we would be able to make it. But we all proved him wrong. Ryan rode his ripstick--poor kid his calves were working hard to get him up to the park on that thing. Jack rode a scooter. Hadley rode her bike. Gavin pushed Morgan and Griffin in the jogger stroller and I pushed Mia in her stroller. Whoa was I ever sweating! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have never, no never, really worked out. Sure I went a few times to aerobics at Spa Fitness with Karol in high school; I did step aerobics with my nanny friend, Collette, a few times; I ran a few miles with Kerry in college; I jump roped a few times on my mission (when I needed it the most! :) with Kristie but mostly I just watched her exercise during our designated exercise time; I went to bodypump 3 times with Annette 3 years ago. Basically if we are friends I am sure I tried to start a work out program with you at sometime, but never stuck with it more than a few times. So that really has been the extent of my cardio workouts. But I am determined to have that change now that I am no longer pregnant and hopefully getting Mia to sleep through the night. I want to start doing something as soon as school starts again (does that sound like a new year's resolution that will never happen?). I told Gavin after we got to the park that I would definitely feel that one tomorrow. I was wrong. It started to hurt just a few hours after we got home! So sad!

Mia's first time in the swing

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Heidi Rushing said...

you never exercised with me! how about climbing a few hills in San Fran? You up to it?